2018-07-25 nvidia 11 series game plan, minerfarm and gputool improvements, miner updates

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    Clubhouse call: July-25-2018
    To get to the Call..... Click CLUBHOUSE CALLS voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/3850/2018-07-11-referral-program-beta-pimp-2-8-coming-amd-changes

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )


    Geo a|ien


    Nvidia news
    1170s are 30% faster than a 1080Ti and uses less power.
    10 series were about the same interval boost over the 9's.
    7 series we will pretend we never met those.

    • Reason for launch delay: They were overloaded with parts from OEMs and needed to sell them all.
    • Hot Chips event in Aug - seems to be likely for release

    Strategy for getting card on release day?

    • Ref cards suck - FE suck - loud - bad cooling - at least last 2 gen
    • Wait for vendor cards
    • We are thinking we probably need a ref card for the lab to get a jump on the dev.
    • Expected price? ~$500-800

    Hobby grade miners
    Be nice to have our own miner! Calling C++ Dev that wants to help us take over and build a nice, modular pimp miner based on sgminer, ccminer, or ethminer

    License mgmt -

    Why are the coins going up so much last couple days?

    • Always news.
    • Why BTC and not ETH? or ZEC? What changed?

    Uber co-founder launching fee-free trading site. Voyager aims to compete with RobinHood

    BitMain stealing part of the hashrates from the miners?

    ASIC mining.

    • Fun little things to find on ebay, you can hold in your hand and it's a miner. Free power makes them awesome!
    • State of the art Antminer S9 - mining SHA256 - they are the current - we can watch fork.lol BTC vs BCH comparison to choose which
    • GMO 7nm miner coming out Sept
    • Whatsminer specs supposed to blow all away

    Miner.farm sneak preview for the clubhouse pimps

    • miner config editing, config cloud storage, push to rigs!
    • Change and restart button for changing profiles
    • Reseller tools!!

    pimpup 20180727

    • gputool improvements:
    • the update function was bad, now it works great. and is human readable. AND it works to remove a card or to add a card in now!
    • there's still no amd bus serial number / uuid yet, due to their way of subbing out mfg; but we have it for nvidia so far.
    • changes coming. new amd pal may make it right.
    • new/returning miners
    • ewbf comes back
    • z-enemy and claymore updates
    • unsure why no equihash variants from claymore zcash-amd miner - he doesn't respond to us

    PiMP 2.8.1 status - just a few bugs to work out

    • next 3 weeks tops


    Will gputool be in miner.farm?

    • So far, miner configs yes, we will be adding capability soon to have gpu-config for gputool attached to a miner profile

    • What can spread adoption of the Referral Program?

    Wrap Up


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