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How to get Chrome/Chromium to run as root on PiMP OS?

  • Hi guys, I simply want to install my new Ledger Nano S on my PIMP OS (2.5) mining rig. To do so, I must install Google Chrome or Chromium. Both are installed and available in the Menu but none will open if I double click on it. All updates are made. Am I missing something ?


  • Staff

    Hi @laroche!

    It is not recommended to use wallets on mining rigs. You should install that on your own workstation. Also, Firefox is installed, that should be supported.

    On Ubuntu, Chrome/chromium will not run as root without a modification, if I recall. Try running google-chrome --user-data-dir from terminal, and if this works, you can either modify your shortcut for that, or try this:

    1. Open google-chrome located in /usr/bin with 'gedit', 'kate' or your favorite text editor:
      gedit /usr/bin/google-chrome

    2. Add --user-data-dir at the very end of the file. Mine looks like this:

    exec -a "$0" "$HERE/chrome" "$@" --user-data-dir

    1. Save, close and voilĂ , you're done. Enjoy your favorite browser.

    Also, Love the customization of your desktop conky, feel free to share it.

    Thanks again for your support.

  • Wow Thanks !! You're awesome !! Of course, it will be my pleasure to share my desktop Conkyrc.

  • Staff

    Glad this worked for you, pimp.

    If you make your way to the Discord (discord.me/pimp) find me and say hello! We would love to have you in the clubhouse call. Take care and happy mining!


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