Updates and Change Log

  • Staff

    20180611 pimpup:

    Added gputool --reset to rebuild a fresh gpu-config.json file.
    Added z-enemy miner for nvidia gpu mining, pimpup to install it.
    Added new nvidia gpu mining profile #2512, bminer.dual.pcfg to mine ETHASH using bminer on nvidia. (Dual mining coming soon, when bminer fixes it.)
    Added new nvidia gpu mining profile #2601, zenemy.dual.pcfg to mine X16r/xevan/phi (it's a ccminer fork.)
    Updated claymore-dual to 11.8.
    Updated bminer to 8.0.0. (Allows ethash mining)
    Updated ethminer to 0.16.0. (Allows -X mixed-rig mining to work)
    Removed ccminer-phi-anxmod (obsolete, use ccminer main branch for phi2)

  • Staff

    20180705 pimpup:

    Added cgminer.gekko.conf # 5301 for usb gekkoscience asic support (install w/pimpup)
    Added syntax highlighting for .pcfg files in nano and vim.
    Updated bminer to 9.0.0. (Allows bytom mining)
    Updated dstm to 0.6.1.
    Updated asic configs.
    Updated pimpup and pimp --stop to show more helpful information.
    Updated pimpup to say press enter instead of any key.
    Fixed typo in xorg.log in helpme.

  • Staff

    20180727 pimpup:

    Added miner logging with proper log rotation to Claymore profiles. This will improve log management to prevent disk filling.
    Added example for using OhGodaCompany's ETHlargement to /root/startup.new. Binaries will appear in new images to come.
    Added EWBFminer (at v0.4 currently) back in, profile 2501, you must install it using pimpup. This is for nvidia equihash variants (BitcoinZ, BitcoinGold, 144_5, etc.) Note: He still has not fixed the API bind error bug, so if minerfarm thinks it's not mining, try a few restarts or a reboot.
    Updated gputool: gputool gets a makeover with a ton of formatting and guidance prompting, easier to read output, better error checking, human-readable gputool –update, and the centerpiece: you will be able to define your gpus in the gpu-config file based on busid, so your settings can follow the cards when you’re working on your rigs.
    Updated lightdm log rotation to increase rig longevity.
    Updated claymore-dual to v11.9.
    Updated z-enemy nvidia miner to 1.12a.
    Updated cpu-miner profiles example pools.

  • Staff

    20180810 pimpup:

    Updated bminer to v10.0.0.
    Updated xmr-stak to v2.4.8.
    Updated zenemy to v1.15a.
    Updated helpme to show simpler output if minerfarm service is running or not.
    Updated ccminer-xevan to latest build (we call it 1.0a)
    Updated reliability of IP address detection for PiMP bash prompt and conky GUI desktop stats.
    Added LitecoinZ (LTZ), Safecoin (SAFE), SnowGem (XSG), Zelcash (ZEL) equihash 144_5 coins to bminer.equihash and ewbf.equihash profiles.
    Added bfgminer-futurebit profile 5151 for Moonlander ASIC support.
    Fixed logrotate was not properly rotating claymore and some other logs.
    Fixed ethminer stats reporting bug in PiMP 2.8 beta (beta only).
    Fixed typo in pimp app help output.

  • Staff

    20180813 pimpup:

    Internal fixes to gputool/pimpup/pimp for 2.8.2 beta - nothing fun, sorry!

  • Staff

    20180906 pimpup:
    Added rolling backups to pimpup. It will now automatically keep 1 version back. Cleanbuilds function removed.
    Added new miners: avermore (for x16r mining on AMDs); CryptoDredge (for a ton of new coins/algos on NVIDIAs.)
    Added Over 128 Coins added for mining on NVIDIA!!!!! See https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4543/over-128-coins-added-for-mining-on-nvidia-in-pimpup-20180906-many-new-algorithms
    Added gputool --status --terse (or gputool -st) to show a shorter version of gputool status.
    Updated gputool to use more reliable fan speed settings on NVIDIA GPUs on first try.
    Fixed minerfarm service to continue correctly when a miner hangs (child process timeout).
    Updated miners: bminer to v10.2.0; z-enemy to v1.18-91.
    Updated pimpkey to allow you to edit netplan network configuration file (for pimp 2.8.x+ versions coming to production soon.)
    Fixed pimpup when running pimpup --auto to prevent double updates when a miner binary appears twice in pimpminers conf (claymore-dual and ethminer).
    Removed incorrect upgrade prompt and other ubuntu-related news from the motd at login.
    Removed deprecated miners: ccminer-xevan, ccminer-raven, spreadcoin-x11. (Better forks were added.)

  • Staff

    20180920 pimpup:

    Updated bminer to v10.3.
    Updated z-enemy to v1.20.
    Updated ethminer to v0.17.0.dev0-2+commit.a860cb05.
    Updated amdmeminfo to its latest release.
    Added 25+ new coin examples including many cryptonight variants, details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4720/list-of-25-new-coins-and-algos-added-to-pimp-for-20180920-cryptonight-party
    Added progpowminer (latest release) as new mining profile for amd/nvidia - profile progpow.pcfg. Tweaking of pcfg will be needed.
    Added extended miner logging and logrotation to bminer, dstm, cryptodredge, and ewbf.
    Added over 40 coins to managed profiles for cryptodredge (cryptonight*), zenemy, and ewbf profiles (144_5)
    Added cgminer-sha miner for USB-connected SHA256 ASICs like the NanoFury. (See Forum Post for supported device types).
    Added a reboot notification to the pimp prompt when reboot is needed after updating system packages.
    Added pimp --paste command to automatically paste one of the confs loaded in pimp --list (example: pimp --paste 1).
    Fixed or Removed deprecated/dead pools/coins from default profiles.
    Updated Siacoin pools in Claymore Dual profile.
    Removed deprecated miners: ccminer-skunk, ccminer-xevan, ccminer-raven, optiminer-equihash, sgminer-revolvercoin
    Fixed pimpup --auto to not double-deploy claymore-dual or ethminer.
    Fixed pimpup --auto $pureply errors.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20181005:

    Added t-rex miner for cuda x16r and other popular algorithms. Currently 0.6.10.
    Added new cryptonight variants to xmrstak profile.
    Added new script /opt/pimp/pimprepair only for when pimpup is corrupted.
    Updated bminer to 10.4.0.
    Updated zenemy to v1.12.
    Updated ewbf to v0.6.
    Updated cryptodredge to 0.9.2.
    Fixed hardware stat collection where the GPU1+ were not showing clocks.
    Fixed crontab examples to correct syntax.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20181013:

    Updated t-rex miner to 0.7.
    Updated zenemy miner to 1.22.
    Updated helpme web interface graphics for readability and new icons/colors.
    Updated ethermine:4444 pool to ethpool:3333 since they changed it.
    Updated bminer.dual.pcfg dual mining examples for verge and decred.
    Removed pimp news and extra enter key prompt from pimpup. See changelog for the news.

  • Staff

    PiMP 2.8, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3, 2.8.4, 2.8.5: Beta only

    These test builds were released to beta team only
    Sign up at getpimp.org/beta to participate

    PiMP-2.8.6: RELEASED 2018-10-17

    MAJOR UPGRADE: Milestone to PiMP 3.0
    Upgraded to new PiMP logos, splash screens, colors, fonts, and icons!
    Upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver.
    Upgraded to CUDA 9.2 and NVIDIA 396.18. (CUDA 9.1 Still included for legacy miners)
    Upgraded to AMDGPU-PRO 18.20.
    Upgraded from NetworkManager to Netplan.
    Upgraded to discord 0.0.5.
    Added Galculator and Gsmarttools disk diagnostic tool to the desktop.
    Added ufw firewall and brute force protection for increased security.
    Fixed GUI should load properly on AMD rigs.
    Incorporated all pimpups and known miner updates to 20181013.
    Upgraded desktop boot sequence for better desktop stats reliability.
    Removed from zip the Microsoft and sha1sum programs for faster zipping/unzipping
    Updated zip README-FIRST.txt to lose those files descriptions; and also to put the youtube/c/pimpvideos url in.
    Added OhGod ethlargment and support for it to startup.sh.
    Fixed display resolution issue on some rigs.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20181019:

    Updated to bminer v10.5 (requires pimp 2.8.6: if you are on pimp 2.6, reimage to 2.8.6 or do not pimpup this miner.)
    Updated to cryptodredge v0.9.3. cryptonight_v8 now supported.
    Updated cryptodredge profile to include BitTube (cryptonight_saber) examples.
    Fixed a few small display errors in pimpup.
    Fixed ethermine example pools in claymore.dual.pcfg profile.
    Reworked xmr-stak profiles and updated to latest of each xmr-stak fork. Both support cryptonight_v8 algorithm and are ready for the monero hard fork. You will need to run pimpup to update the confs and the miners:

    • 3201 (cpu/amd/nvid) xmr-aeonstak indeedminers: cryptonight and variants [xmr-aeonstak.pcfg]
    • 3251 (cpu/amd/nvid) xmr-stak fireiceuk: cryptonight and variants [xmrstak.pcfg]

  • Staff

    pimpup 20181027:

    Updated t-rex to v0.7.2 and added x22i (SUQA) coin to example profile.
    Updated xmr-stak to v2.5.1 (more cryptonight v8 fixes.)
    Fixed xrdp breaking after pimpup on 2.8.6.
    Fixed conky IP address on desktop showing 0 after pimpup on 2.8.6.
    Removed zergpool examples from t-rex, cryptodredge, and z-enemy profiles (pool is gone.)

  • Staff

    pimpup 20181108:

    Updated cryptodredge to v0.9.7 (requires pimp 2.8.6: if you are on pimp 2.6, reimage to 2.8.6 or do not pimpup this miner.)
    Updated dstm to v0.6.2.
    Updated t-rex to v0.7.4.
    Updated xmr-stak and xmr-aeonstak to v2.5.2.
    Updated z-enemy to v1.23.
    Updated all cgminer and bfgminer asic confs.
    Updated neoscrypt profiles with gobyte example and new coins listing.
    Updated pimp --debug command to chdir to the miner dir.
    Removed deprecated ccminer-cryptonight/ccminer.xmr.pcfg.
    Removed asic cgminer-dmaxl 5201/5202 profiles, replaced with new 5211 and 5212 profiles.
    Added cgminer-nanofury asic profile 5321.
    Added bfgminer-futurebit profile 5151.
    Added x22i SUQA examples to cryptodredge and t-rex profiles.
    Added x17 XVG/XSH examples to cryptodredge, t-rex and z-enemy profiles.
    Added new x16r/x16s examples to t-rex and z-enemy profiles.
    Added new Bitcore (BTX) example to cryptodredge, t-rex and z-enemy profiles.
    Added new cpuminer-opt cpu miner and conf for many cpu mineable algos, as profile 3121.
    Added new yescryptr16 Yenten cpu-mining-coin example to profile 3121.
    Added new sgminer-fancyix miner for amd x22i/phi2/lyra2 support, as profile 1321.
    Added AION equihash 210_9 coin example to lolminer and ewbf profiles.


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