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PiMP OS Changelog

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    pimpup 20190103:
    Happy New Year to the pimps! Thanks for your support.
    Updated bminer to v11.1.0 (adds dual ethash+btm support).
    Updated cast-xmr to v1.6.6.
    Updated claymore-dual to v12.0.
    Updated cryptodredge to v0.15.2. (adds MTP support).
    Updated ethminer to v0.18.0-alpha.3-18.
    Updated gminer to v1.14.
    Updated lolminer to v0.6s.
    Updated sgminer-fancyix to beta5gp2 (adds lyra2REv3 support).
    Updated t-rex to v0.8.9.
    Added 1211 xmrig-amd; 2211 xmrig-nvidia; 3151 xmrig-cpu miners (install with pimpup.)
    Fixed gminer to properly detect whether it was running or not.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20190110:

    Added better error checking and db creation logic to pimpkey for upcoming new image releases.
    Fixed log rotation config file permissions issue that affected some rigs log rotation.
    Updated bminer to v11.4.0 (Switched to AMD+NVIDIA miner. Added Aeternity, BEAM. BEAM supports AMD!)
    Updated cryptodredge to v0.16.0 (Adds x16rt(VEIL), Lyra2zz(LAPO)).
    Updated gminer to v1.15 (Adds BEAM).
    Updated t-rex to v0.9.1 (Adds x16rt (Veil), sha256q (Pyrite)).
    Updated wildrig-multi to v0.15.1 (Adds MTP, x16rt(VEIL), SHA256q, SHA256t).
    Updated xmr-aeonstak to v2.7.1 (cnheavy boost).
    Updated sgminer-fancyix to beta5gp3 (Adds lyra2Zz(LAPO)).
    Updated phoenixminer to v4.1a beta (Faster amd kernels).


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