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PiMP OS Changelog

  • Staff

    pimpup 20190709:

    All miners updated to latest version. Significant miner updates (nearly all miners) - please report stats/api issues right away so we can get them fixed up!

    Note: Some miners may require cuda 9 or above, please download and flash latest PIMP OS to support latest miners.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20190724:

    Updated gputool to reference cards by busID. (Fixes some amd address related errors.)
    Updated ohgodatool to new customized PIMP version that works on latest amdgpu-pro drivers.
    All miners updated to latest version. Highlights: cpuminer-opt, ethminer, phoenixminer, gminer, bminer, xmr-stak

  • Staff

    pimpup 20191004:

    Fixed some bugs with amd watts/fans on gputool and agent service.
    Updated gputool to allow intel onboard graphics enabled.
    Updated nearly all miners.

  • Staff

    pimpup 20191012:

    Fixed more bugs with amd watts/fans on gputool and agent service.
    Updated miner.farm service to collect stats from new xmrig api.
    Updated all miners.

  • Staff

    IMAGE 2.15: Released 2019-10-15

    Changes from 2.9.7:

    Added support for Nvidia GTX 1660/20x0/20x0 and Super series GPUs.
    Added support for booting in UEFI or Legacy CSM mode using same image.
    Added KillDisk .exe to the zip for help with imaging issues.
    Added the following boot parameter to Linux kernel: amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff for new AMD Driver compatibility.
    Added export GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT=100 to /root/gpuvars to help with older GPUs compatibility.
    Added more helpful info to the pimpkey validation process.
    Added support for some Supermicro motherboards.
    Upgraded linux kernel to 5.0.0.
    Upgraded amdgpu-pro drivers to 19.30-838629.
    Upgraded nvidia drivers to 435.21.
    Upgraded cuda to v10.1.168.
    Updated amdmemtweak/ohgodatool.
    Updated Realtek 8812 drivers for some cases where wi-fi is needed for validation.
    Updated Ubuntu repos to include partner packages.
    Updated apt to hold kernel updates, for more reliability when upgrading system packages.
    Updated miner.farm agent to handle new xmrig api.
    Updated all system packages, pimp software, firmware, and miners to 20191007.
    Fixed some gputool and minerfarm agent power usage reporting issues.
    Fixed onboard GPU detection in gputool and minerfarm agent.

    Find the download on your miner.farm account page: https://miner.farm/account

  • Staff

    pimpup 20191122:

    Updated all miners.

  • Staff

    pimpup updates (all miners updated each week)

    software changes:

    Updated pimp-minerfarm agent service to accommodate changes to xmrig because xmrig unified their miners. actions are required to accommodate their new setup:

    • it now installs to /opt/miners/xmrig dir, with xmrig binary. This means you will have to edit or recreate your pcfg files to match the new setup (the stuff at the bottom has changed)
    • You will need to do pimp --delete and pimp --add to delete and re-add the miner profiles (this doesn't change the pcfgs)
    • xmrig profile numbers changed: 3151, 3152, 3153
    • details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/7953/xmrig-unified-new-profiles-changed-to-3151-3152-3153

  • Staff

    IMAGE 2.24.0: Released 2020-12-05

    To update to PIMP IMAGE 2.24.0 you must re-image your SSD with the new .img file and re-configure.

    Changes from 2.15:

    Added support to allow onboard GPU to be enabled and/or display the desktop on most onboard GPUs
    Added AMD ROCm 3.5.50 drivers and utilities
    Added mining support for amd vega/5600/5700/vii (not gputool support, coming soon, use the other tools in /opt/pimp in meantime)
    Added some beta team features and packages by default
    Added mc, nnn file managers
    Added glxinfo tool for diagnostics troubleshooting
    Updated Ubuntu to 18.04.5 LTS
    Updated all system packages, software, confs, and miners to currently available
    Updated AMDGPU-PRO drivers to v20.10
    Updated CUDA to v11.0 and added 10.2 support for backwards compatibility
    Updated NVIDIA drivers to 450.80.02
    Updated Linux Kernel to 5.0.0-31, removed HWE kernel
    Updated amdmeminfo, amdmemtweak, tmate, and teleconsole utilities
    Updated ufw firewall to be enabled by default
    Updated minerfarm agent to enable verbose --logging by default
    Updated default configs to new sandbox pools using confgen
    Removed dstm, nsgminer and old xmrig forks as no longer used
    Removed dhcp:no from default static netplan config, not needed

    Special thanks to the PIMP Beta team for extensive QA on this build!

  • Staff

    Roundup of Changes from 2020-Jan-20 to 2021-Jan-27 to PiMP software and Miner.farm agent that were delivered via pimpup

    We will try to improve our changelogging skills - thanks for updating anyway!

    Added new miner nbminer for nvidia mining, including kawpow (ravencoin) algorithm
    Added new "miner" xmrig-proxy to allow proxying xmrig running on other platforms that you want to monitor with miner.farm
    Added tmate config to allow SSL-secured remote terminal access via miner.farm
    Added pimp-watchdog.sh to /opt/pimp to aid troubleshooting
    Updated PolarisBiosEditor to v1.7.5
    Updated logging location to /var/log/minerfarm/ for consistency
    Updated minerfarm service to collect miner start commands and display them to authorized and logged in farm users on the Miner View
    Updated minerfarm to allow registering rigs using minerfarm register command with email and farmer number instead of pasting API keys
    Updated minerfarm --status to show miner.farm subscription details if rig is registered
    Updated minerfarm agent to stop polling GPU watts if service is stopped
    Updated minerfarm agent to log by default
    Updated minerfarm agent to provide subscription validation for subscription model coming soon
    Updated minerfarm agent to improve hardware data collection on less popular motherboards/CPUs
    Updated all example pcfg to use new confgen system and sandbox pools for easier bench testing

    We are still hard at work every day on miner.farm and PIMP! Thanks for your support, miners!

  • Staff

    IMAGE 2.25.2: RELEASED 2021-02-01

    Changelog from 2.24.0:

    Added gputool and mining support for NVIDIA 3xxx series GPUs
    Updated all system packages, miners, and applications to latest as of 20210126
    Updated CUDA to 11.2 and added cuda 11.1 libs for backward compatibility
    Updated nvidia drivers to 460
    Updated discord to 0.0.13 and fixed bug preventing running the discord client as root

    Re-image note:

    To update the PIMP IMAGE you must re-image your SSD with the new .img file and re-configure. pimpup only can update miner.farm agent, pimp software, and miners at this time.

    Download links are on your miner.farm account page: https://miner.farm/account

    Thanks team for your support and diligent testing!


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