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2018-07-18 miner.farm 3, upcoming newsletter, planned gputool improvements

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    Clubhouse call: July-18-2018
    To get to the Call..... Click CLUBHOUSE CALLS voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/3850/2018-07-11-referral-program-beta-pimp-2-8-coming-amd-changes

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )




    Referral program - tread lightly - you can get banned from a forum just for having a link in your signature (aka linuxquestions.org)
    We have had our first referral fee earned by PiMPs very own DocDrydenn.
    How to get referrals the easiest way: Greet new pimps as they come into the channel - help them - then offer the quick link to help the sale and earn your %

    Currently working on gputool - AMD - you have to start mining to get the correct core clock value. This is due to the way the AMD/DPM is stored into the sysfs. With nvidia .... Smooth sailing all the time! The HAL makes life easy. PAL will be like that hopefully.

    Currently, gputool does not have an identifier... We're trying now in bootdetect to build a table of the GPUs so we can refer to them by a UUID we create. This can be used to configure cards in gputool as well as be an enhancement to minerfarm service to allow more flexibility with multiple miners across some of the GPUs. originally mf was for one miner for gpus and one for asic and one for cpu, but now, we will allow more capability of running differing miners.

    We dont want sysfs/bus id#'s - not reliable enough. We are making a better way. Already starting on that, but it will take some time to be released.

    Thanks to Doc for great Support - keep it up!

    Coins are up another $1000!!!

    We will have some minerfarm 3 previews in the july newsletter. we are on the road
    Significant improvements - worth the wait. key management, multi-farm support, multi-user support
    Key rollup


    Volume keys - released? - Currently: PiMP Billing Support can request a recount. Volume Key Reset.

    • Soon, we will allow this by you in miner.farm 3
    • Kill the 1 hour reimage

    Why are the coins going up so much last couple days?

    • Always news.

    • Mastercard, coinbase 1 million $ investors, Blackrock -

    • Big money coming in!!!

    • Seems bad for crypto ideals.... But it's replacing the existing system. Hybrid for some time to come.

    • Cash is still the preferred choice by criminals worldwide. Even though BTC is safer and better for them in every way. Trust counts.

    • Pimpup 3 - backup/restore across rigs

    • Find out what people are scripting so we can build it in and make pimps lives easier! Power users!

    • mf3 Reseller tools - farm delegation of management to technicians, transfer farms to other customers, etc.

    Wrap Up


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