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Bitcoin.com and Purse.io Bolster BCH Spending Giving New Shoppers $10

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    Bitcoin.com and Purse.io Bolster BCH Spending Giving New Shoppers $10

    On the last week of June, the cryptocurrency company, Purse.io, announced the platform’s bitcoin cash (BCH) integration, alongside a ‘cashback’ promotion. The Bitcoin.com team has always been fans of Purse because it allows bitcoin users to save 20 percent or more shopping on Amazon. So we’ve collaborated with the Purse team and now Bitcoin.com Wallet users and Bitcoin.com Store customers can get $10 bucks worth of BCH for registering through our referral links.

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    Purse.io and Bitcoin.com Partner to Save People Even More Peer-to-Peer Cash

    Bitcoin.com and Purse.io Bolster BCH Spending Giving New Shoppers $10The firm Purse.io is a cryptocurrency fueled platform that provides significant discounts for virtually any product sold on the giant marketplace Amazon. Essentially Purse users simply choose any product they want to purchase and then select a discount of say 5 percent or they can shoot for a deeper discount between 15-20 percent. Purse helps bridge the gap between two markets; those who have Amazon cards but would prefer money, and those who want bitcoin cash but are willing to pay with a discounted gift card, or reversible credit card payment for a small premium. In essence, because of the collaboration between these two markets Purse users facilitate Amazon discounts in a peer-to-peer fashion and leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies at the same time.

    Sign Up for Purse.io Today and Get $10 After Your First Purchase

    Now that Purse has built bitcoin cash (BCH) support that enables users to save a lot more money on transaction fees, we’ve decided to celebrate the BCH addition with a collaborative partnership.

    <figure id="attachment_186351" style="width: 1280px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Bitcoin.com and Purse.io Bolster BCH Spending Giving New Shoppers $10

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Click here to get $10 at Purse.io after your first purchase.</figcaption>


    Bitcoin.com Store and our wallet users will notice a Purse.io banner that they can use to register at Purse and through our referral link registrants will be given $10 after completing their first purchase. This means an individual could shoot for a 20 percent discount on something they really want, alongside saving even more money with the BCH network fee and then, on top of that, they’ll get an additional $10.

    So if you are shopping around on the Bitcoin.com Store, looking for some cool crypto-infused swag, and you see the Purse banner — Give it a click and head on over to register at Purse so you can get a big discount shopping at Amazon and $10 cash. Moreover, the 2.4 million Bitcoin.com Wallet users will be offered the same Purse promotion when using our lightning fast wallet for Android and iOS.

    **Have you tried Purse.io yet? Let us know your Purse.io experience in the comment section below. We’d love to hear about it.  **

    Images via Purse.io, Bitcoin.com, and Shutterstock.

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