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2018-07-11 Referral program beta, pimp 2.8 coming, AMD changes

  • Staff

    Clubhouse call: June-27-2018

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/3592/2018-06-20-3-0-updates-oh-my ( no notes from june 27; no call july 4)

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ ) Beta Exclusive!




    Referral program

    • 10% of net sales
    • accumulates in your account
    • beta team is testing now

    Starbuck just took a Princeton course online for free to learn about crypto!

    Onboard - always disabled

    144_5 200_9 equihash variant

    • ewbf support expected in july pimpup
    • lolminer isn't there yet and no api
    • therefore no good amd support yet

    What is everyone mining right now besides ETH?

    • ETH or ETHASH coins


    • no linux support
    • might possibly get one if it's the only thing in the rig, and the correct motherboard with support for pci atomic messaging... not all of them have it.
    • most people dont have those boards.... so... they will have to stick with windows miners due to the current opencl support on linux
    • with nvidia you just reset the card and move on
    • amd - you have to reboot the whole box - for the first step - need PAL - abstraction library - and they replaced ROCm with PAL. ROCm was just february announced......
      We cannot get the driver to boot into anything on newer kernels - But with the new ubuntu it will work better... due to mfg. support - we would need to deliver a vega-only kernel....
      Business case could not be made for pimp to become the VEGA masters. AMD is off their FOSDAM map.... Unpredictable
      Also there's no miners out for it anyway.

    We should be Retiring some miners.

    • kepler support could be removed. will save considerable space. sm_30, sm_31 computes.
    • the devs are doing this now by default

    Any current support issues or needs?

    PiMP 2.8

    • drop uefi requirement
    • proof of concept for 3.0 base platform
    • coming to beta soon! sorry for the wait!
    • also will offer longer term support for 2.x series


    Reimaging - less of it in 3.0? Yes

    Wrap Up

    melt's Call to Action: Please sign up and test the referral program.


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