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My 5 Rig under the garage workbench PiMP Mining Farm

  • Here are 5 of my 6 GPU RX570 rigs under my work bench in my Garage - had to wire it for 240 Volt 40 Amp service off of my main box so that I could put in a breaker for each rig. With one more rig added - same size, I am now able to pull 1 GigaHash Eth.

    alt text

    I added a $30 dollar 20" box fan from WalMart to the attic portal in my Garage ceiling to pull the hot air out of the garage. I also removed the bottom half of the glass in the Garage Window that had about as much area as the box fan for fresh air coming from the North facing side of the Garage. I added a furnace air filter to that empty window space to keep out bugs and birds. I eventually added 5 of those box fans in front of the rigs to pull the hot air away from the rigs on hot summer days. I thought I needed air conditioning but simply using those low cost 20 inch box fans did the trick - they each draw about 50 watts at full speed - I can run them at slow speed to get the air flow I needed. In the spring and fall it doesn't need those fans and in the winter months - minus 40 degrees Celsius, I shut the window and it's a nice warm 24 Celsius in the garage. Yes, I left 4 inches air space between my work bench and the wall.

    You can see it at https://miner.farm/farmer/4937/farmstatus

    alt text

  • Staff

    Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!


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