Installing "OhGodAnETHlargementPill"???

  • Hey everyone... very new to Linux, not new to PC's though. I am having trouble finding a way to install this, has anyone used it on PIMP yet? If so, how did you get it installed and how did you like it?


  • Got it up and running. For anyone interested (I know I am 2 months late to the party, this is what happens when you have an infant), I downloaded the package to root. Go into Linux Notes on their site and run the lines under the HiveOS install. The reason I was having trouble, (rookie mistake)... there is a section that you copy that has the typical “%2” that is typically replaced when html (I believe) doesn’t read it properly and converts it. I switched it back to the actual file name and ran it. Installed and ran with zero problem.

    After installing, I started running ethminer again. My hashrate went up from ~139Mh/s to ~206Mh/s! Shares went from ~130 average to ~180 average. Stale shares stayed the same.

    My clocks are +120/+850 65%TDP on a 6x GTX 1080 FE rig.

    This only works with GDDR5X cards (GTX1080, GTX1080 Ti, Titan XP


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