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Does PiMP version 2.6 OS work on older AMD GPU's ?

  • Developer

    Hello follow PiMP's,

    So I have been running my AMD MSI 390x's rig on PiMP version 1.9.31 OS for the last few months mining ETH, and getting around 82 Mh/s, which I thought on stock settings wasn't too bad for my 3 remaining old gpu's.

    However, yesterday I did some security config's which didn't go to plan, so had to re-image, and noticed that PiMP version 2.6 OS does support my 2015 AMD MSI 390x gpu's, so I thought I might as well try it out.

    Well PiMP version 2.6 OS works a treat, and I can now use the gputool since I don't want to flash my gpu's bios, but still want to OC them - though still a few teething problems to iron out with the gputool given the age of my gpu's.

    Below is a screenshot of my AMD rig from my miner.farm account, which shows total of 92.50Mh/s, taking into account that I've gone from stock settings to OC settings - still not bad for my 3 AMD MSI 390x!

    0_1530528495209_Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.47.38.png

    Please note re image above, I had to stop/restart the rig as I wanted to adjust the power settings for one of the gpu's which didn't like 120 watts but hopefully prefers 150 watts lol - Before stopping the rig, it had been running for a little over 11 hours without any reject or HW errors, only problem was that one of the gpu's dropped it hashrate every so often, so hence why tweaking the OC settings for it.

    So, reason for this post is for two reasons, first is say PiMP version 2.6 OS works on 2015 AMD 390x gpu's, and secondly to ask my fellow PiMP's, if they are using PiMP version 2.6 OS for their older AMD gpu's, and if so is it all running smoothly or are the some teething problems your've experienced in the past or are experiencing currently, to share with your fellow PiMP's.

    Let us know, and Happy mining PiMP's :)

    Best Louis

  • Staff

    Wow, great work Louis! It is most likely due to the kernel/driver stack in 2.6 adding better support for those. Will be curious to see what the next beta does on those cards.

  • Developer


    Thank you Melt, and thanks for the intel re "most likely due to the kernel/driver stack in 2.6 adding better support for those". I know when I tested my AMD's on PiMP version 2.3 /2.4 /and 2.5 OS, my gpu's simple wouldn't run - Will defiantly be interesting to see how they work on the next beta, hopefully another 10Mh/s or more increase in hashrate :)

    Best Louis


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