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How to change license key

  • Is there any way to change the PiMP OS license key? Or do I have to just install a new image and start over???

    Reason for the question is that I am having an issue where only 1 of 2 rigs show up on miner.farm at a time (they switch randomly with one agent being down while the other is up...) and another post alluded to possibly having the same license key on both rigs... that was confirmed when I checked with"pimpkey" but I have no clue how that happened in the first place!

    So I would like to just change or update the key rather than installing the OS on one of the rigs all over again (assuming the duplicate keys is the reason why one one is active at a time on miner.farm).

    Any suggestions?

  • Developer

    Hello bitcoin,

    Currently, once a license key has been used and verified on a fresh install it cannot be change on that rig. The only way to do so is to reimage one of your rigs and use a different license key. In the new version of PiMP that will change, but the new version is in development. Stay tuned on the Pimp discord channel, where future updates will be delivered re the new version of PiMP.

    Please do keep us updated as to how you get on, either via this post or through the PiMP Discord channel.

    Best Louis

  • Staff

    That is correct; two rigs with the same key will act the way you describe.
    Unfortunately the only way to change the key is to reimage. As Louis says, future versions of PIMP OS may allow a key change on the fly - we are working on it!

    Thank you for your support,


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