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ethermine update to 0.16 and stopped working

  • Hello

    I run debug, outcome - The following arguments were not expected: -S -O
    commanline = [/root]:# pimp --start 1
    Starting command line miner on localhost
    bin: ethminer
    conf: ethminer.amd.pcfg
    Using port 4028...
    Miner screen exited - the mining program failed to start.
    Please use 'pimp --test' or 'pimp --debug' to troubleshoot this error

    helpme url = https://helpme.getpimp.org/Winter-1530975298.html

    my conf = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zuzSRPi5gcDsk1GBCDvuYSR9YtfnKlN4

  • and yes i updated ethermine through pimpup

  • Support

    Hello ph75,

    I need to see your Ethminer conf but the link in your post isn't working.

    Run showme /opt/confs/ethminer.amd.pcfg and paste the URL it gives you here.

  • Support

    Okay, I see nothing wrong with the helpme or your conf.

    The -S flag is how the stratum URL is passed to Ethminer.
    The -O flag is how your wallet and worker name are passed to Ethminer.
    Both are required.

    I recommend removing the miner profile, pimpup, update miner, and add the miner profile back.

    pimp --delete # (where # is the miner profile ID)
    Update Ethminer
    pimp --add (to show the miner listing with ID)
    pimp --add #### (where #### is the miner ID)
    edit # (where # is the new miner profile ID)
    (The conf should still have your wallet and worker data, but just check to be sure.)
    pimp --test # (where # is the new miner profile ID)

    If errors occur, re-run it with debug on (pimp --debug #). Copy or screenshot the output with errors.

  • Support

    Also, (I just noticed) you are running PiMP v2.4... that is probably the problem. There is no way for PiMP to ensure that new miners will work with the older PiMP versions (older Linux kernels, older GPU drivers, etc...).

    You really only have two options:

    • Upgrade to PiMP v2.6
    • Keep the old version of PiMP, but don't update any of the miners.

    Let us know how it works out for you.

  • hello Docdrydenn

    I acomlpihsed your recomendations as above, = same story
    pimp --debug 2
    Starting miner ID 2 without screen for debugging.
    For normal operation, stop the miner using Control+C,
    then start it using 'pimp --start 2' or the minerfarm agent console.
    Executing: /opt/miners/ethminer/ethminer -S eu1-etc.ethermine.org:4444 -O 0x6ed4064f9307496013388f18c0d9d71c2330b549.Winter -G

    The following arguments were not expected: -S -O

    how to upgrade pimpos?

  • Staff

    Hey ph75, download v2.6 image, and write it to your SSD just like the first time. Your key will work on the new version too.

  • could you give me download link?

  • Support

    Downloads can be found from your account on the main website.


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