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Twizted`s extreme mini farm (dont judge) hihi

  • we`ll pimps,

    finally after many nagging of some people ;) i dont call names @docdryden oeps i did it even when i said i wouldnt sorry whats typed is typed.

    here is my rig existing of and 22" screen very oldschool compaq kb and some cheap mouse.

    its build in to an old case (enermax big chakra bleu) for now it holds a gigabyte motherboard cant recal the mobo name atm 1151 socket with a g3900 celeron 8 gb of corsair valeu ram and a whopping here it come........ msi armor 1070 oc 8 gb version.

    soon (still doubt) it might also have a 1060 also armor and a 6 gb version for my main rig.



  • Staff

    Right on, Brother! Glad to have it in the showcase.

    I wasn't nagging you, I was motivating you!

  • i know dude

  • Hey pimps,

    new update on my PIMP rig i added another msi 1070 armor 8gb OC since they are plugged into the mobo i have to figure out a way of getting them spaced out for the heat dissapation.
    for now u will have to wait a little for a picture of the state it is in now.

    currently running both cards on Bminer 10.04 mining Ethereum.

    OC profile atm

    GPU 0: NVI, BusID: 01, Temp: 70C, Fan: 75%, Core: 1594 Mhz (175 Offset), Mem: 4201 Mhz (800 Offset), Perf state: 2, Power: 98.5W (100W Max)

    GPU 1: NVI, BusID: 0a, Temp: 58C, Fan: 75%, Core: 1683 Mhz (175 Offset), Mem: 4201 Mhz (800 Offset), Perf state: 2, Power: 100.7W (100W Max)


    0_1542230397594_20181016_180113-1024x1024.jpg 0_1542230404252_20181016_180148 - Copy-1024x1024.jpg 0_1542230407341_20181016_180148-1024x1024.jpg 0_1542230411775_20181016_180229-1024x1024.jpg 0_1542230487666_20181016_180229-1024x1024.jpg

    enjoy the Minerporn

  • its a slow proces for me financially none the less the upgrade slowly gets to final :) coins wont die so wont mining :D

  • This post is deleted!


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