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2018-06-20 3.0 Updates, Oh my!

  • Clubhouse call: June-20-2018

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/3497/2018-06-13-backups-gpus-remote-storage

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ ) Beta Exclusive!




    How to use the pimp tracker to watch what is up for beta testing

    Masternodes - need to have Static IP and VPS hosting.

    • It doesn't feel great but it's a way to make money when mining profits are low.
      New GPUs : updates

    How to rebalance a portfolio? Hold everything
    Diversified into many coins - just a gamble just like everything else

    EOS hacks/phishes, https://ambcrypto.com/the-eos-eos-saga-continues-seven-eos-accounts-frozen/ it's just sad. People are trading freedom for the feeling of security.

    pimp2.7 update
    amd and nvidia driver mfgs - changed up, so we abandoned 4.17

    pimp3 update
    going to use 4.15 as this is the kernel being used by
    we have a lot of code to write to give the pimp3 flavor. we are working on it just a little each day.
    pimp 2.7 platform will be criticial platform testing with the kernel and drivers.

    mf3 update - next coming months, will reach beta

    • working on the pages now
    • all the buttons will work
    • unified account information page with pimp keys
    • no client side changes needed to use it!
    • coming soon

    A way to make you extra money? pimp has a plan. pimp referrals

    • making rules/regs and artwork
    • will start with store credit

    Q: www.getpimp.org improvement - near the reviews - put the discord link there "Don't just take our word for it, talk to the other pimps right now!"

    Q: Forum post - teamviewer - needs an update, or a fix. Customers want it.
    "Just for us old Windows guys, plug and play and a nice login gui always the way"

    They also want to be able to expand the disk.
    Twizted - Tried to use the gparted guide? Try it again

    • it should work. it came back after reboot for melt.
    • this seems correct, it will have to reboot to resize the currently mounted root partition
      Highdude says it might be because he was mining for so long that he was needing a hard boot.
    • Post to the forum post that 1.9.31 is reverse on the partitions! Warning on that one.

    AMD has no HAL like Nvidia - Nvidia doesn't bomb the rig on a failure like AMD.

    • This makes it better for new miners
    • This also makes it better for gputool - which likes to talk to the HAL

    RX560 - and BIOS mods - You are not trusting the card mfg, you are trusting any person

    • the VBIOS modding is best if you are not modding the cards
    • then use gputool to adjust values
    • But what about the memstraps? Highdude says they must be modded. This is done in the BIOS to get the most hash, and cannot be done via oc with gputool at this time.
      Memstraps dependent upon : mem vendor && mem controller - if you use the wrong strap, burn the card. Big warning here.
      very difficult to determine the mem controller.
      gpu lottery
      Polaris 1-click timing fix takes position 6 of powertune table and copies it to 7 and 8 so it uses the optimal timing straps
    • Add this to the forum post for bios flashing.
    • Works for micron and hynix mem on 580s

    Req: Guide: how to find the ram.

    • pimp desktop shows it on 580s
    • gputool --list

    Q: Melt - "Will 3.0 ship for USB, or at a later date, as I know you wanna get it out and USB may cause a delay?"

    • We want it too, we will try to make it work reliably, but most likely, the required I/O speed isn't there or it would affect hashrate or stability too much


    Wrap Up


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