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miner doesn't load GUI can mine…

  • Staff

    The miner will boot, but not all the way into the GUI, just to the IP address screen then stays. Can access via Putty and start miner…. what gives? I’d like to see the GUI

  • Sorry to hear about this! Here are some commands that might be able to solve your problems:
    pimp --stop all - Stops all miners
    pimpup --auto - Updates software and current miners
    rm /root/gpu-config.json && gputool --config - Re-builds the gpu config file with default known-good values
    gputool --config Use this and try applying the gpu settings to the gpu

  • Same problem with new pimp.
    This rutine did not help and GUI did not loaded.

  • I have this same issue, not really useable. I have a Asus Z270-P filles with 8 RX580's. It boots, can hit SSH etc but no GUI. just stuck on a cursor after it gets IP.

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