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miner doesn't load GUI can mine…

  • Staff

    The miner will boot, but not all the way into the GUI, just to the IP address screen then stays. Can access via Putty and start miner…. what gives? I’d like to see the GUI

  • Sorry to hear about this! Here are some commands that might be able to solve your problems:
    pimp --stop all - Stops all miners
    pimpup --auto - Updates software and current miners
    rm /root/gpu-config.json && gputool --config - Re-builds the gpu config file with default known-good values
    gputool --config Use this and try applying the gpu settings to the gpu

  • Same problem with new pimp.
    This rutine did not help and GUI did not loaded.

  • I have this same issue, not really useable. I have a Asus Z270-P filles with 8 RX580's. It boots, can hit SSH etc but no GUI. just stuck on a cursor after it gets IP.

  • @jeff, same rig with asus and rx. I think new PIMP does not support these hardware. 2.3.30 work well, but now 2.3.30 can not be validate... it's finish.
    Try in a week... nothing.

  • I'm here too...MSI Z270A-Pro. I can put my GPUs directly on the MB and go...but with risers all it detects is the Intel integrated GPU and there is no option to disable it. Apparently there is an engineering firmware out there where that can happen, but I have yet to find it. Just going to go back to 2 internal GPUs for now.

  • I contacted MSI regarding the inability to disable the internal GPU and they indicated when a card is detected in the PCIe slot that the internal GPU is disabled. The problem is that when I connect via the riser this detection is not working. I think what I'm going to have to do is connect at least one card to the board and then connect the rest via risers to see if I can get them to run to work around this shortcoming. I should have the chance to test it out tomorrow.

  • So admittedly this was a level 0 error (on me). Once I wired everything up it worked just fine. I powered the risers with primary power to two SATA->molex adapters provided (one to each riser). I don't like that too much and will see if I can get that changed out to be a straight shot, but it's all I have for now. Then I ran 8pin molex power from primary PSU and 6pin molex from primary PSU to RX580 nitro and my 6pin power to RX580. Once the cards were powered up I was able to SSH on and get it up and running without issue.

    Now I am only running two cards with a G650 PSP. The next step will be to integrate a second G650 PSP with add2psu and I'll add on 3 RX 560s. So I'll have 1300 pushing 2 580s and 3 560s (and will fill out with what I can get). If that's stable then I may move on to M2 to milk the build after I get a better handle on underpowering, or I may opt to try a better motherboard or PSP.

    I wish I had infinite time and resources to invest in this, but I can only do a few hours a week. With operations running warehouses driving up the prices makes it a little bit more of a PITA to do this. I sure wish I had gotten onboard about a year ago.

  • Staff

    Least you are doing. I figure you have two options with most everything in life. Sit around and cycle thru (Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda), or just get up and freaking starting doing it. Don't worry, Crypto still has an uphill run ahead of us. Jump into the discord chat sometime and poke and prod a bit for deals on GPUs, you might be surprised what the PiMP community can help you source. But you have to get in there and ask around, socialize. The community behind us is the greatest asset of using PiMP. We learn, help, and sustain each other.

    The path you are on, is the right one to evolve your knowledge, rig, and in return, growth of returns. I might recommend one bit though, mine coins and then 'HODL' as they like to say. If you have the resources to pay for new hardware, and the power bills, consider that part of your running investment and just keep track of it. Then socialize coin choices in the forums or on discord, hope you are picking winners, and hold those things hoping they drive up in value constantly. If you constantly trade in yer coins for fiat, you will be kicking yerself hard when that alt coin you have been working hard on, jumps in value 1000x overnight.

    Good luck and keep us updated! Perhaps spend some time and build a rig report and show it off :) And of course, if you have time, perhaps a review in your own words out in the wild to help us grow. Thanks for hanging in and digging through your issues, looking forward to the contributions you will give us in the future :)

  • @Anjin

    For go forward for all of us we need to know what to do You! What do you change? Here a lot of words about changes of 2.3.30 and 2.4 and no one answer. If you writen about forward and future you should to be open and get answer for issues.

  • Staff

    Winsw, that statement is incredibly hard for me to parse. There is always a change log for every release, and pretty much any question gets answered by someone. So would you mind greatly spending sometime to rewrite your question... with a real question in it?


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