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amd Rig is crashing after running claymore dual for a long time

  • So, Ive been running AMD cards in this setup strong for 3 months straight. Now all of a sudden its just crashing. It wont mine very long at all. I've tried eliminating issues with cards but havent had any luck finding a bad apple. I want you guys to take a look at this and see if you see anything out of the ordinary. I stop all miners and try to restart the miner and it just gives me an error saying a miner is still running even though it reports all miners are stopped. This is normally a 9 card rig![alt text](0_1528722447328_crash.png image url)

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    Run helpme and post the URL here.

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    When PiMP first boots, it will attempt to set GPU settings with gputool then it will start whichever miner has been set to ID 1 (default port 4028).

    From your helpme, I can see three miners have been added to the Agent console. PiMP supports multiple miners, however, you can't run multiple miners on the same hardware (GPU's). Looking at the miners start scripts, I do not see flags assigning specific GPU's to each miner... However, if I was to guess, I don't think you are trying to run multiple miners across specific hardware, so let's reset a little bit.

    First, let's remove all the loaded miners: To see all of the currently loaded miners, run pimp --list. Then, for each miner listed, run pimp --delete # (where # is the miner ID).

    Now, let's add back just the miner you want: Run pimp --add to see the list of miners. Then, for the miner you want, run pimp --add #### (where #### is the miner ID from the pimp --add listing.)

    Next, run edit 1 to open the config for the newly added miner. (If the one you added was one you've already loaded before, then the config should still be setup just like you had it before.) Just verify that it is set the way you want (i.e. wallet, worker, pool, etc...)

    Since you were getting the "miner is already running" thing, now would be a good time to reboot the machine. PiMP should boot and automatically start your miner.

    Let me know how this went and if there are still problems, we'll go from there.

    Also, from your helpme, I am seeing some S.M.A.R.T. errors which could be an early sign of drive failure.(Probably has nothing to do with your issue, but something to be aware of.)

    Lastly, I see that you are running PiMP v2.5, which is fine, but I just wanted to let you know that PiMP v2.6 is out now.

  • @docdrydenn okay, great. Ill give that a go and report back. Thanks for the help

  • @docdrydenn https://helpme.getpimp.org/D81000-1528751770.html

    Okay, so I deleted all miners, updated pimp and setup a new claymore eth miner. Tried to start mining and im still getting the same error. Heres another help me i ran right after i got the error.

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    Okay, I can't see any specific error with the miner, so I recommend we turn on logging so that we can see what the miner is doing.

    Run edit 1 and navigate to the "FLAGS=" section at the bottom of the config file and add the following flag: -logfile /var/log/claymore-dual.log to the end of whatever is already there.
    (don't forget to put a space between the flags: it should look something like this: FLAGS=-allpools 1 -eworker Crypto-03 -mode 1 -logfile /var/log/claymore-dual.log)

    Give the machine a hard reboot.

    When the rig comes back up and automatically starts the miner, it will create a log file /var/log/claymore-dual.log. When it crashes, we will have something to look at that might tell us what's going on.

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    Okay. Now run showme /var/log/claymore-dual.log and post the URL here so I can read the log file.

  • @docdrydenn
    Okay, I will. Ill report back tomorrow. I have to go to work. One thing im noticing is that my cards are still hashing. Im still reporting shares. Ethermine says im still mining. After enough time I cant connect to my miner through Putty

  • @docdrydenn
    This command does nothing for me.

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    It should give you a URL like this:


  • @docdrydenn
    [/root]:# showme /var/log/claymore-dual.log
    [Agent: D81000 (Running) Total HR: [0.00Kh/s] Miners running [0] GPUs [none active]]

    this is all i get

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    Have you run the miner since we added the logging flag to the config? The log might not exist yet.

    run find / -name claymore-dual.log

    If it is found, it should output the full path to the file.
    If it is not found, it will just dump you back to the command line.

  • @docdrydenn I have ran the miner since. That’s the weird thing. It says no miner is running at all or if I start it myself before it auto starts it eventually disconnects but continues to mine. It mined for 12 hours stable last night before finally dropping off. I can’t get it to mine stable with 9 cards ... it’s hashrate is much lower than the reported hashrate and drops off in a matter of minutes. I’m looking into the other thread about networking issues with the asrock pro btc+ ... pimp os just isn’t showing this rig mining when it is. I just don’t understand it. This thing ran solid for 2 months. I thought I escaped all my hassles from windows 😭

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    Sorry, you're having these problems.

    You're mining ETH, right? Have you tried one of the other ETH miners? At least to test to see if you get the same failures.

  • @docdrydenn
    Yeah I have. No luck there.
    I’m going to update my bios on the board and report back

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    At this point, I am recommending you reflash PiMP and start over with a clean slate.

    It's fun chasing down problems, but at a certain point it just becomes a downed rig... and a downed rig doesn't mine.

    Please keep us updated on your progress.

  • @docdrydenn
    Yes, thats exactly what I plan on doing. Im going to do a fresh install of an updated PiMP OS and flash my bios and go from there. It will be a few days as I work. But i will deffinitely keep you updated. Thanks for all your help. Very much appreciated


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