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FLAGS= command line options for z-enemy in the zenemy.multi.pcfg

  • Staff

    This is to be referenced for users who want to change some FLAGS in the pcfg file to edit their configuration of the z-enemy ccminer fork.

    [/opt/miners/zenemy]:# ./z-enemy --help
    [INFO ] 18/06/08 15:30:13 zealot/enemy-1.11 miner
    [INFO ] 18/06/08 15:30:13 NVIDIA CUDA 9.1
    Usage: z-enemy [OPTIONS]
    -a, --algo=ALGO Coin hash algorithm to use:
    aeriumx (AeriumX: AEX)
    bitcore (Bitcore: BTX)
    x16r (X16R: Raven)
    x16s (X16S: Pigeon)
    x17 (X17: Verge)
    c11 (C11: CHC)
    phi (PHI1612: LUXCoin)
    tribus (Tribus: Denarius)
    poly (Poly: Polytimos)
    skunk (Skunk: Skunk)
    timetravel (Machinecoin: MAC)
    xevan (Xevan: Transend)
    -d, --devices Comma separated list of CUDA devices to use (0,1 etc).
    Alternatively takes
    string names of your cards like MSI 1080 Ti or MX150#2
    (matching 2nd gt640 in the PC)
    -i --intensity=N[,N] GPU intensity 8.0-31.0, decimals allowed (default: 19)
    --cuda-schedule set CUDA scheduling option:
    0: BlockingSync (default)
    1: Spin
    2: Yield
    -f, --diff-factor Divide difficulty by this factor (default 1.0)
    -l, --log=FILE Duplicate output into log file. Sample: --log=logfile.txt
    -m, --diff-multiplier Multiply difficulty by this value (default 1.0)
    -o, --url=URL URL of mining server
    -O, --userpass=U:P username:password pair for mining server
    -u, --user=USERNAME username for mining server
    -p, --pass=PASSWORD password for mining server
    --cert=FILE certificate for mining server using SSL
    -x, --proxy=[PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] connect through a proxy
    -t, --threads=N number of miner threads (default: number of nVidia GPUs)
    -r, --retries=N number of times to retry if a network call fails
    (default: retry indefinitely)
    -R, --retry-pause=N time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 30)
    -T, --timeout=N network timeout, in seconds (default: 300)
    -s, --scantime=N upper bound on time spent scanning current work when
    long polling is unavailable, in seconds (default: 60)
    -n, --ndevs list cuda devices
    -N, --statsavg number of samples used to compute hashrate (default: 30)
    --no-extranonce disable extranonce subscribe on stratum
    -q, --quiet disable per-thread hashmeter output
    --no-color disable colored output
    --cpu-affinity set process affinity to cpu core(s), mask 0x3 for cores 0 and 1
    --cpu-priority set process priority (default: 3) 0 idle, 2 normal to 5 highest
    -b, --api-bind=port IP:port for the miner API (default:, 0 disabled
    --api-allow=... IP/mask of the allowed api client(s), 0/0 for all
    --api-remote Allow remote control, like pool switching
    --mem-clock=3505 Set the gpu memory max clock (346.72+ driver)
    --gpu-clock=1150 Set the gpu engine max clock (346.72+ driver)
    --pstate=0[,2] Set the gpu power state (352.21+ driver)
    --plimit=100W Set the gpu power limit (352.21+ driver)
    -S, --syslog use system log for output messages
    --syslog-prefix=... allow to change syslog tool name
    -B, --background run the miner in the background
    -c, --config=FILE load a JSON-format configuration file Sample: --config=config.json
    -V, --version display version information and exit
    -h, --help display this help text and exit

  • Staff

    Note: their logfile does not work. It will either error out or segfault. I posted to their discord to notify them. Will update when we hear anything.


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