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Need Help Finding Your Rig's IP Address? - Let me introduce you to the Fing app (free).

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    Although, I use the Fing app and I own a Fingbox, I am in no way affiliated with Fing company. It's just a handy tool that I use to monitor my own network and I thought it should be shared with others. This post is not a full review of the app (or the Fingbox hardware) and I am not trying to "sell" you on it. It's just another tool to have in your "tool-belt" when it comes to monitoring/troubleshooting your own network. I've used it for over two years now and find it most helpful in controlling/monitoring my own network - your miles may vary...

    There may come a time that you find yourself needing to identify the IP address or MAC address of a device on your network. Maybe you're troubleshooting an unruly mining rig that won't give you a display or desktop. Maybe you've just built a headless machine that you plan on administering via the network. Maybe you're just curious about what devices are on your network...

    Yes, you could just login to your router and dig around in the DHCP Lease list, syslogs, etc... or you could just pull out your cell phone and let the Fing app do it for you. It's quick, it's easy, and best yet, it's free. The app does integrate with their Fingbox (hardware device), but it is not required in order to use the app and it's features.

    Website: Fing.io
    Android: Google Play
    iOS: Apple App Store

    The WIIFM (What's In It For Me):
    Not only will it scan your network, but it keeps it in an editable list sorted by MAC or IP. You can assign nicknames, locations, notes, icons, and owners to each device. The app will let you setup alerts for when a device goes offline or comes back online and keeps a history log of all these events.

    Here are some of the things it can identify about devices:

    • IP Address
    • MAC Address
    • MAC Vendor
    • Hostname
    • Brand and Model
    • Operating System
    • UPnP Name
    • UPnP Device
    • UPnP Services
    • Bonjour Name
    • Bonjour Services

    Built-in Tools:

    • DNS Lookup
    • Scanning Open Ports/Services
    • Ping
    • Trace Route
    • Wake On Lan

    Launch the app and click the refresh button at the top. The app will do the rest.

    Screenshots from my own phone:

    Overall Network View

    Device Detailed View

  • Staff

    This is a great guide for anyone who owns a wifi network. Nice work, thanks Doc!


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