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Raven AMD sgminer conf file missing?

  • Just a quick question about the 2.6 update. When I go to add the following profile, the conf file seems to be missing.
    I have run pimpup numerous times and it still does not download a sgminer.raven.conf file.

    [:/root]:# pimp --add
    Profiles available to add:
    ID Name
    1 none
    1961 (amd) sgminer-raven: x16r [sgminer.raven.conf]
    [:/root]:# pimp --add 1961
    Conf file "/opt/confs/sgminer.raven.conf" not found - not added

    Is this file available?
    I do not want to try to piece it together, as I am certain I will mess it up. :)

    Is there a specific one I can copy and modify to make it work?

    Thank you, in advance.


  • Support

    I don't have an AMD rig to help troubleshoot with, but let me try anyway...

    When you run pimpup and it completes, are you "Press any key to update installed miners' and seeing the list of available miners? (Hitting 'q' after completing a pimpup will skip the miners submenu.)

    Go to the miners submenu of pimpup and select the number corresponding to the miner you need. It will ask if you are sure. Answer yes and when it is complete, quit the menu with a 'q'.

    Now try adding the miner with pimp --add ####

  • @docdrydenn

    Thanks doc, but even after doing that many times, the conf file still does not appear.

    BTW, This is the error if the miner is not installed:

    "Miner binary is not installed. Please run 'pimpup' to install this miner."


  • Support

    Apologies for this issue. The needed conf is being acquired.


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