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Small gputool maker !

  • I have built a small bash, too bad that it is not possible to write the entries directly.

    So far, I always had to write everything with new graphics cards:

    • rm
    • gputool --config
    • nano

    I've written a little bash that runs, wish a lot of fun, ev man can expand that even further.

    bash file gpu- neu.sh

    1 #! / Bin / bash
    3 # New gpu connected
    4 # config the data gputool
    5 #
    6 echo STOP MINER
    7 sleep 10 && / opt / pimp / pimp --stop all
    8 echo DELETE FILE gpu-config.json
    9 rm gpu-config.json
    10 #
    11 echo WRITE FILE NEW
    12 sleep 10 && / opt / pimp / gputool --config
    13 #
    15 nano gpu-config.json

    Have fun. thanks for further additions

  • Support

    Great job on the bash script, but if you add a new GPU or remove a GPU, you can run:

    gputool --update

    This will automatically add or remove GPU's to your gpu-config.json file without changing the settings of the GPU's that did not change.

    Give it a try by adding or removing a GPU and then run the above command to automatically update your gpu-config.json file.

  • Well if you run --update JSON isn't prettyfied anymore so I do the same remove it first and run --config so the entries are in readable format

  • Staff

    Thanks logar for sharing this with the pimps! And to Doc for the helpful tip!

    Don't forget you can use markdown language for code. simply put backticks around the command, like: gputool --update

    Backtick is a reverse apostrophe usually in the top-left on the ~ key.

    For blocks of code use 3 backticks at the top and 3 at the bottom like so

    code here();

    Furthermore, moving this to the enhancements section,
    We will make a feature request for a gputool --reset that will do this for you. Don't forget you can ask us for features!

    Thanks again guys!


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