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Doc's 20Ax6 (100A Max) Mining Farm Power Tree (Metered)

  • Staff

    This is not a guide or a how-to and I will not be offering help to anyone attempting to replicate what I've done here. I'm only posting this to share with others what is possible. If you want/need something like this, then seek a licensed electrician first.

    If you do not know what you are doing, electricity CAN and WILL kill you. Electrical work, like what you see in this post, requires an inspection from a licensed electrician. Even though I am not a licensed electrician, I do have 20 years of electrical work experience from my time serving in the US Navy (Yes, even with my knowledge and experience, I must have my work inspected.)

    Note: In most states, it is legal to do your own electrical work, however almost all states require it to be inspected by a licensed electrician prior to energizing the circuit/device. Failure to do so could result in fines, loss of insurance coverage, injury, death, blah, blah, blah... Look, seek a licensed electrician prior to doing anything like this.

    The simple 15A/20A circuits that we have running throughout our homes are almost always enough for what we need... that is, until cryptomining came along.

    My rigs are hungry and I must feed them, but I'm running out of places to plug them in without blowing breakers.

    My Solution: Doc's 20Ax6 (100A Max) Mining Farm Power Tree (Metered)!

    With a few parts from the local HomeDepot, along with some cheap 0-100A panel-mount power meters from the internet, I have everything I need to get build this bad boy! Overall (not counting the inspection), this thing has cost me just a little over $100. If I would have bought everything online, I could probably have cut that down to under $60. Anyway...

    The idea is simple:

    • This sub panel will be wall-mounted close to my main home breaker panel (which is where my server farm lives) and will be fed by a 100A breaker.
    • From this sub panel, 6 individual circuits will be fed to each of the six satellite boxes.
    • Each satellite box will house one power meter and one 20A outlet.
    • Each satellite electrical box will power a rack mounted network managed 20A power distribution unit (PDU) inside my server farm.
    • Each PDU serves a different rig/function. (5x Crypto Rigs, 1x Misc Power)

    Still working on the cable management for the PDU cables.

    Build Complete and being Tested

    Testing Outlets

    Mounted and Wired

    Meter Output with Crypto-03 rig connected via 20A PDU

    I have to give some credit to Melt for the design of putting the meters into their own box. This saved me so much time and effort. Thank you, Sir!

  • Staff

    Great work Doc!!! Moving to the Showcase.

  • Staff

    Updated post. Power-Tree is complete and installed. Additional pictures added.


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