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IP Conflict? Rigs are fighting for a place on miner.farm

  • Hi,

    I have a problem where if Rig-009 is already running and I turn Rig-010 on then 9 will drop off miner farm and 10 will come on and vise versa.

    I feel they have conflicting IP's but they are both static IP's and aren't similar, however, Rig-010 ends in .10-X and rig 9 ends in .9

    Looking into it further, there's times where if I boot up 9 and attempt to connect to rig 9, it won't SSH, but when using rig 10ip it lets me SSH and vise versa. It's like whenever either of them login they take up the slot. Any ideas about this one please?
    Networking isn't my strong suit

  • Staff

    Hello, can you use the pimpkey command on both rigs and make sure you did not use the same PIMP Key on both?

    If you did, one of them will need to be reimaged (there is no way to re-verify a PIMP rig) and one of them will most likely want to have the miner.farm service stopped for an hour. (Mining does not have to be stopped.)

  • Ohhhh, I will try this, thanks very much for quick response again!

  • This worked thank you!

  • Staff

    Thanks for marking this solved


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