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2018-05-09 The Politicization and Villains of cryptocurrency

  • Ready for next Clubhouse call: May-2-2018

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/2992/2018-05-02-may-day-may-day-the-best-hash-rates-are-coming

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ ) Beta Exclusive!




    • changes to the kernel
      Changes are going to be very significant. In 2.6 beta you can set the flag
      2.7 will have more hardware support.

    • the battle between forks and asics
      We're seeing a lot of forks to get away from asics. Is this precedented?
      With smaller coins they're finding that forking is a good solution

    Do people know what a fork is?
    Any good, large change is going to be a fork,
    The word "fork" has a political conatation. shifts power, influences market.
    ETH started from these beginnings.

    Politicalizing of Cryptocurrency
    It's an influential market, and everything's been used to shift power and make people money
    All of the financial markets were ragging on it to get the price low, so they could buy in.
    Everything is politics. Every market is being manipulated.
    The movement isn't as rigged as before, like regular stocks and markets all of that news and information is carefully pushed out to move the news in a particular way. All of the news information and data. And all it is doing is trying to move the market. It's just one of the factors in the price.
    Same sort of trends in the stock market.

    June/July, they're shipping an ETH miner.

    Washington Situation

    • Big Power supply on the other side. They're producing it surplus, and shipping it up and down the west coast.
    • Miners discover that this is big cheap power, so miners start setting up shop and start cooking up a ton of power to grid
    • Now the county is in the position where they went from a net producer to a new importer
    • 70% of the power in that county goes to cryptomining. You have to be certified, get a permit for future mining use.

    ZCash coming out, might lead to crash?

    Product Development:
    - We've been working on infastructure, maintaining rig data, and in a new and modern way.
    - Want to make buying PiMP and Miner.farm the easiest way. Getting the Mf and P that we have now into more modern infrastructure.
    - We're looking for a fe js dev. Our minimumu requirements are on facebook, reach out to

    - Is there a way to roll out softupdates so that there isn't heavy re-image for larger farms. Goal is to package the drivers up that way. That's the bulk of the updates that have limited us from being able to deliver. PiMP repo that is private


    Wrap Up


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