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Discussion: What kind of RMA/Return experiences have you had with various manufacturers?

  • Staff

    Special thanks to the Clubhouse Call pimps where we have been discussing many useful business tips like these!

    Here's a few examples:

    Western Digital: They have a great web form that is easy to check and submit tickets. cheap easy shipping about $6.50/HDD to my local service center. I had about 8 WD RED 4TB WD40EFRX in a pretty busy RaidZ2; all failed within the 5 year wty.

    Sapphire: Bad support. They outsource to really low-quality service centers. I shipped a 270X in, got a 280X back, which had fan failure within 4 months. They offered no help, but I did get some fans from ebay and it was working fine.

    HP: bad. On a 4 month old middle-end laptop purchased from Best Buy, they would not accept a smartctl test result that was provided by smartmontools, it had to be the code from their F11 HP Diagnostics, which was not providing the code. Ended up having to take the laptop to geek squad for service and was down for 5 days.

    Toshiba: annoying but not a deal breaker: On a less than 1 year old laptop, a fan failed, So I sent in for service and got it back with disconnected speakers. had to ship back again. Beside the extra nuisance and trips to FedEx, it has worked great ever since.

    EVGA: Great: Back in 2012, I called about an outdated nforce core2quad 775 mobo chipset fan. They shipped me a free replacement, the mobo was out of wty for like 5 years.

  • Support

    MSI: Web based RMA request. Automatic shipping label creation. 35 day turnaround time. Two GTX 1050's had fans go bad and MSI replaced both cards.

  • Developer

    Same hear for MSI, great email support, only drawback is I had to shipped from the UK to Czech Republic for my 390x, so £24 on shipping and insurance. MSI did fix my 390x and set the same unit back to me. Had it back now for 3 months with no problems.
    I prefer EVGA, as you can phone them directly, and ship to their UK RMA department, who then shipped me a replacement 1070 upgraded model FTW2 Ti from Germany. I think for me EVGA is the best manufacturer for support 2018!

  • Good experiences with both MSI and Gigabyte on GPU's.

    On the other hand, Zotac sucks a mighty wind in my opinion. Weeks to get a response and then they demanded up a list beyond the original request document as well as information (invoice, etc) that I had already provided to them -- again. I returned that one to the reseller when there were no replacements be had because I wasn't going to deal with more of that. And that was why I tried to RMA with Zotac to begin with --- because I knew I couldn't get a replacement from the reseller. The reseller was happy to issue a refund and I am still doing business with them because of their no-fuss returns policy.

  • Staff

    From SmartGuy in Discord:

    am i the only one buying gpus on Amazon so i don't have to worry about RMA ? (Amazon does all and just refund you if product still as warranty)
    i suppose Amazon is not the best prices for US

    but you must be careful, i bought 6x XFX R9 290X (for my first rig) and it was supposed to be brand new gpu (seller was Amazon FR not third party seller) and i noticed few months after that they were 2 years old and just reconditioned


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