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Monitoring apps- feature suggestions / design ideas

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    I know ZEC isn't the top coin, but I like that it's steady and stable. I really enjoy being able to use Mining-Monitor.org (with DSTM) and miner.farm (with Pimp) at the same time.
    Also, Claymore's Monitor by HelloSirius in the Android Play Store also works with the telemetry. I like the options for monitoring when I'm not at home. :sunglasses:
    (I should note, for anyone wanting to do the same, that you will have to setup NAT and redirection in Pimp and your router in order to get it to work correctly. There's a post on the forums that will explain what you have to do.)

    Courtesy: DocDrydenn, many thanks and glad to see you!

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  • I couldn't have said it better. LOL

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    Did I mis-credit you? I will fix it if I did.

  • @melt All good, Bro. It just made me laugh when I read it.

  • I wanted to better share the above mentioned monitoring options... I am not affiliated with either of these apps/sites. I just found them very useful to me. I don't consider these to be a replacement for the built-in Agent/miner.farm - these are just additional ways to monitor your miners. If I find others, I will add them to this post.

    Note: I've only used these with DSTM ZM and everything works as described. Your miles may vary.

    Note: To get these to work on PIMP without breaking the built-in Agent/miner.farm, you will need to follow the directions in this post: Agent - vs Internal IP


    Free web-based monitoring. *Requires registering a free account to use.

    Supported Miners:

    • EWBF
    • DSTM ZM
    • BMINER
    • CCMINER FORKS (This feature is still experimental. Some CCMiner forks seem to have problems with more than 8 GPUs and are not reporting data for all GPUs. Tested with: tpruvot (2.2.4, 2.2.5), ocminer, enemy)

    My Take:
    I use this one a lot at home when I'm at my desktop. I like the feel and layout. Background color/pattern can be changed. It is also mobile browser friendly with a lot of graphs and stats, including individual GPU's (hash, temp, power, etc...). Includes a profit calculator. Has detailed help on setting up the miners api.

    Setup Instructions
    Profit Calculator
    Detailed Per Miner View
    Detailed Per GPU View


    Claymore's Monitor by SIRIUS


    Free Android app. *Contains Ads. Ads can be removed with purchase.

    Supported Miners:

    • EWBF
    • DSTM ZM
    • BMINER
    • XMR-STAK
    • Phoenix Miner
    • Cast XMR
    • Ethminer
    • SRBMiner
    • XMRig

    My Take:
    I use this one a lot when I'm not at home. Good design and layout. No graphs, but still has all the stats, including individual GPU's (hash, temp, power, etc...). Notifications and alerts can be setup for Temps, Hashrate, and miner up/down.

    Detailed Miner Stats



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