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GPU change from GTX 1070 to 2x RX580 - keys?

  • Hello, i'm mining beginner. i installed PIMP with the image for NVIDA. Its all working very nice with around 30MH/s. But now i've got 2x RX 580. I think i need to reinstall PIMP on the SSD with the AMD image. Is it then possible to re-use my existing key or do i have to buy a new key? The not used GTX1070 i would like to use in my gaming PC and not for mining anymore. A PIMP setup with 2x RX 580 together with the 1070 is not possible, isn't it?

  • Staff

    Yes. You will want to fetch the latest AMD image. Mixed GPU's are coming soon!

  • do i need to purchase a new key then?

  • i meant when i want to switch now for the AMD image or can i reuse the bought key (that i activated with the NVIDA image but dont plan to use further)

  • Staff

    Well.. remember that buying keys is how you help us by supporting PiMP development. Every dollar helps us help you. BUT... its one key per running rig. So you can fetch the AMD image and rewrite your SSD as you need. Or you could buy another license just to support your friendly neighborhood developers!


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