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Doc's mini-Crypto Farm - 5 Rack Mounted Rigs

  • Staff

    Updated post. Combined all rigs into one posting. Additional pictures added. Parts updated for 4th rig.

  • Staff

    Aww, no PiMP logos or backgrounds. Partial redemption for PiMP Discord and forum screenshots though! :)

  • Staff

    I'm waiting for your marketing team to finalize their stuff, but, fear not... for I am going to paint this cabinet green and yellow and slap the Pimp symbol right on it. 😎

  • Staff

    Major farm overhaul is planned for next week.


    • Power balancing: I need to balance the power demand across the farm.
    • Air-flow/cooling: Reducing each rig to 8 GPU's.
    • Beta Testing: Having an nVidia, AMD, and mixed-GPU (nVidia & AMD) rig will allow more flexibility in testing.

    The spare RX560's (3) and GTX1050 (1) will be added to the new layout.

    0_1529159393443_Farm Config - Current.PNG

    0_1529159410310_Farm Config - Proposed.PNG

  • Staff

    Great work Doc and that is a nice rebuild project you got there. I can't say I haven't rebuilt a million times to try all the different scenarios out myself!

    Also, That spreadsheet is great - keeps things nice and organized and professional. Thanks for sharing!

  • Staff

    Post and pics have been updated to reflect the results of the farm overhaul.

  • Staff

    Added Crypto-TB to the post.

  • Beta Team

    Well, after seeing your setup and the discussion about the "ping" command vesus gputool... I am ashamed :-) You are the Wizz :-) Great setup. Love it.

  • Staff

    Dont be ashamed, be proud you found a cool spot to learn together with us :)

  • Hello pimps I am sharing some talks we had about this in discord, hope it helps someone:

    pimp currently supports many usb asic andsoon monitor network asic too


    4x GekkoScience 2Pac
    1x NF1 Nanofury
    1x Futurebit Moonlander 2

    here is what it looks like on the rig

    [/root/bbb/extras]:# pimp --add asic
    Profile list filtered by "asic":
    ID Name
    5101 (asic) bfgminer: for usb gridseed/asics [bfg.gsd.conf]
    5102 (asic) bfgminer: for usb zeus/asics [bfg.zeus.conf]
    5151 (asic) bfgminer: for usb futurebit asics [bfg.futurebit.conf]
    5211 (asic) cgminer-dmaxl: for usb gridseed asics [cgminer.gsd.conf]
    5221 (asic) cgminer-dmaxl: for usb zeus asics [cgminer.zeus.conf]
    5301 (asic) cgminer-gekko: for usb gekkoscience 2pac asics [cgminer.gekko.conf]
    5321 (asic) cgminer-ckolivas: for usb nanofury SHA-256 asics [cgminer.nanofury.conf]
    Usage: pimp --add [Profile ID]

    those are the miners designed for asic use (cgminer and bfgminer) and the clones of them, and they build those cgminer versions specially for some hardware to get good hashrates, i think too

    For the complete list of PiMP Profiles, miners and confs, and how to use them, check out this post: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/10/setting-up-miner-profiles

    Q: Any to avoid? I saw some USED on ebay. I wasn't aware of an after-market for ASICs. I went with GPU mining as I can and do sell used for

    asics are usually semi profitable the sooner you get them but as more asic released for a coin then the diff goes up because everyone mines with so used asic usually for fun, learning, and if you have cheap power, a little more. mostly if you are a believer that the coins will go up then you value them even if take a slight loss due to electrics yes there are several SHA-256 algorithm coins

    also great for fun & learning. For $50 you could play with one or two.

    TLDR: if you look at the ones that use cgminer / bfg miner you will be in good shape

    some of the team have androids and other miners that are being picked up by miner.farm - coming soon

    Happy mining pimps!


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