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kernel is not a valid ELF file

  • Hey Pimps,

    I'm trying to install PimpOS on an older piece of hardware, since it accommodates 3 cards :)

    Motherboard = EVGA 790i FTW

    I followed the instructions for the motherboard settings and get this error after the PIMP OS Splash screen. I'd love to get this motherboard to work with Pimp, any help would be welcome.


  • Hello. What error did you get after the PIMP OS Splash screen?

  • I'm getting a blank screen with a blinking cursor now.

  • FYI, my motherbiard has no setting for PCIE - GEN1 / GEN2 - don't know if that matters or not. Motherboard is an LGA 775

  • Staff

    I would reimage the SSD as a starting point. The error is telling you that it does not recognize the binary image on the drive. Make sure you follow melts great video, and always close/eject the drive when you are done.

    A motherboard is a pretty cheap bit of kit, you might find it a good starting point for an upgrade :)

  • The image works fine on another motherboard. This appears to be the OS having some type of compatibility issue with the motherboard or a setting in the motherboards bios, which I have yet to identify.

  • Staff

    If you are able to get PIMP booted onto your hardware, please share any settings or changes you made. Thanks!


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