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xmrig & xmrig-nvidia

  • I've had solid results mining Electroneum & Monero using xmrig and xmrig-nvidia. They're stable miners that hash well. xmr-stak is good too and does dual GPU/CPU mining which is convenient. Would be great to see all three options included. They're command line is easy.

  • Staff

    Each miner can have its own logging and API formats. So full adoption requires that we invest the time to understand each miner very well, and build a parser that speaks that miners lingo, so we can control it, and read its status and output. We try to add the best performing ones, but with the amount of efforts required to keep drivers and kernels current, as well fixing and adding new features, can be exhausting for a small team. We hope our community can jump in and test new miners, build new profiles, and perhaps even help us parse out the command and control requirements for new toys.

    That said, if anyone can provide solid scientifically gathered evidence of a new miners abilities over our core tools, we will always make that a priority to include. We all want better, faster, and more stable tools to drive our rigs with. So please, collect up and table out some data on the performance gains. And realize, its not just knowing the command line that fully integrates a new miner :)

    Many thanks for the suggestions!

  • Staff

    ccminer-cryptonight is available, use pimpup to install ccminer-cryptonight then use pimp --add 2121 to add the profile.

    You must use del ccminer.xmr.pcfg or change ALGORITHM=cryptonight to ALGORITHM=monero

    If you get rejects, then this is the fix.

    20180415 [M] Added ccminer-cryptonight (nvidia 2121) for nvidia xmr v7 support (must install with pimpup!!)

    Thank you for your patience, we wanted the ccminer devs to merge the update in the correct way to the main branch but they did not, so we provided this instead.

  • Staff

    xmr-stak, a superior miner, with support all the way back to sm20 I believe, thanks to anjin, has been delivered.

  • xmrig pcfg settings example for supportxmr

    FLAGS=-l /var/log/xmrig.cpu.log --donate-level 1 -k --api-worker-id billsRig5


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