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Can I split cards up and mine two different algorithms on one rig?

  • Is there a way to split the rig cards up so that 1,2,3 are mining one currency where as 4,5,6 are mining a different one?

    Before Pimp, I use claymore with its GPU indexing to mine Ether on cards 1,2,3 then the rest to mine ZCash.

  • Support

    Oh sure! All you need is to use two different miners. In the config you need to enter the required flags. For example, for claymore is di flag:

    -di GPU indexes, default is all available GPUs. For example, if you have four GPUs "-di 02" will enable only first and third GPUs (#0 and #2).
    You can also turn on/off cards in runtime with "0"..."9" keys and check current statistics with "s" key.
    For systems with more than 10 GPUs: use letters to specify indexes more than 9, for example, "a" means index 10, "b" means index 11, etc.

  • Ok cool, yea that is what I was doing before. Just wanted to make sure :)

    Thanks Blackice :)


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