How to Check the mining pool for your miners and your payments

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    Hello pimps we have a lot of brand new miners joining the community and we have been asked how to check the payments and to make sure that you are mining to your pool and your wallet correctly.

    Here is an example using an nvidia rig mining XMR (Monero) using the ccminer profile. We are mining to

    Step 1: SSH into the rig.

    Step 2: Use pimp --list to see what miner profile you are using.


    Step 3: Use pimp --edit 1 to edit the miner profile's configuration file. This is where your pool and wallet are set up.


    Step 4: In the pimp editor, you can use arrow keys to move around, and type in just like Notepad or TextEdit. Go down to your pool, the one without the # in front of it.

    (Example using moneropool)

    Step 5: Look at your pool and your wallet. You can highlight using mouse and/or shift key, and copy the wallet address to your clipboard with Control-Insert or Control-C.

    Here is another example using xmrpool:


    Step 6: Copy your wallet address. If you cannot do it in nano.... Here is a pimp trick to thank you for reading the forum! Whatever method you prefer.


    Note: For this example we will proceed using xmrpool.

    Step 7: Open a web browser (on any machine), and browse to the pools site. Most pools that allow you to mine directly to address without a username/account will have a spot where you can put in the address of your miner and watch the stats.

    Note: For Nicehash, the URL is: and you put in your BITCOIN (BTC) address.

    Step 8: In this case we click Dashboard to get there.


    Step 9: Paste in your wallet address and click "Track" (or OK or whatever your pool has)


    Step 10: Look at your stats.


    Step 11: Scroll down and you will see your current workers mining. There is also a View Payments button that shows the payout history. Basically, the pool holds the coins until there is enough to justify paying you out to your wallet. This is due to transaction fees and other things. Ask your pool for details about their payout options. If you click View payments,


    Step 12: You will see the history of the payouts. You should see the payments coming into your xmr wallet (in this example) on those days.


    Once you get paid by the pool it will show in the wallet... Then you can go look in your wallet.


    I hope this guide helps you understand how payments work with mining. Post your own findings and comments and questions below.... Check out the discord to talk to other pimps and have a great day! And of course.... Thanks for supporting PIMP!

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    Nicehash Payouts are scheduled and automatic. Since you have more than 0.01 BTC you are scheduled for the first Friday that comes - this is tomorrow. Other balances are scheduled as:
    balances greater than 0.1 BTC are paid out once a day
    balances greater than 0.01 BTC are paid out once a week (Fridays)
    balances greater than 0.001 BTC are paid out once every 4 weeks (Fridays)

    from: r/NiceHash/comments/694zwy/nicehash_payout_times/

  • now that nicehash is done can you update this guide for something like miningpoolhub

  • vote for miningpoolhub also!

  • Please help me to clarify. The pool is collective and it is also included on the pimp distro, so no more config needed. When the pool get paid, the total value is distributed over the pool members, so with pimp distro I just need to install an run or I have to make manually config of my wallet?


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