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    Hello ...It's time for the bitcoin talk... I am getting a great amount of questions about crypto since it has really gained a lot of popularity and is providing a great income for myself and many of my friends. (This is why you have not seen much of me!)

    If you want to know the real deal about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency, this is the future of money. We have been working for nearly 10 years to bring financial freedom to all humans.

    Do not be afraid of this great technology. You don't have to understand everything about it to benefit.

    I will be hosting talks soon focused on the basics of how to use crypto as money as well as how to mine your own coins.

    All of this is just as legitimate as swiping your VISA card or paying with Paypal or sending a Western Union, but much faster, and the proceeds do not go to VISA they go to the miners, people like you.
    I have been spending Bitcoin at companies like Newegg, Overstock, Gyft.com for several years with no issues. My own businesses such as getpimp.org and miner.farm have been successfully accepting crypto currencies at checkout for our software and services. Now, I am holding my coins for sure!

    If you have any questions you may proceed into our 500+ user Discord Live Chat https://discord.me/pimp and speak to some real miners, developers, and crypto enthusiasts. The PiMP OS is in use by over 5,000 miners currently.

    You don't have to buy equipment and mine, you can simply buy a little bit of coin at an exchange and watch it grow in value, similar to a stock. The most popular US-based exchange is Coinbase, and they have a nice app that allows you to manage your crypto wallets.Here is a link to their site to learn more (please use this link if you sign up):


    If you have any questions reach out to my team on the Discord or give me a shout so I can help you take advantage of a world-changing, exciting, growing world where anyone can learn and succeed. (Especially if you are stuck peddling multi-level-marketing products. MLM is 1960s technology.)

    Also want to say thank you to Lily Star for launching this great business with me years ago!

    And above all, thank you for reading my post and have a great day!!!


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