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2018-04-11 Clubhouse Call:

  • Ready for next Clubhouse call: April-11-2018

    Last meeting's notes:https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/2487/2018-04-04-clubhouse-call-pimp-2-6-3-0-plan-ewbf-sunset-subscription-ideas


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    Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )

    Project Announcements

    Discussion Items

    • Strategy in a down market: What to do when you have to sell coins to pay bills? How to max out your profits??
      Most people are holding.

    xmr fork / asics? New opportunity for those miners?

    • Should we start minging XMR again and is it going to hold?
      Price may be dependent on when use cases come out
      Problem: infinite # of coins - it cannot possibly hold value forever - it must be spent or stagnate. - so XMR makes for a great currency.
      privacy coins should always do good if they are being used. need marketplaces ... devastating loss of some big xmr marketplaces.

    tether - scheme
    Crypto is still completely news driven.

    xmo? Where's it listed? cryptonator. - Geo and Paz like it.
    Ouch, they lost but did return a large amount of ZEC, support sounds slow but effective.
    warning: no private key. addresses are shared. tax reporting no-no.

    CERP - exchange built into the coin - cryptonight algo -

    • you gotta trust an exchange

    Ravencoin? x16s? x16r?

    • Tips for smooth RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization)

    • Disaster recovery plans.
      PAZ: I would like to propose a miner.farm feature that acts as a cold storage. when bonding pimp to miner.farm with the short and long API key, pull miner configs from cold storage and replicate to the rig based on the license key (1:1 relation to hardware)
      Config management is planned for miner.farm 3. We are also considering alternate ways to validate the rigs.

    • Last week we asked, How often do you need to use an old version of a miner? and the answer was Depends. Old versions should only be used when you're using old hardware.
      PAZ: Regression can occur in miner codebase, rolling back is unlikely for anyone but very advanced users. in practicality the level of that use to desire a rollback should also be able to easily carry out shell actions to accomplish the task. the existing means to rollback is acceptable in my mind and requires no more work other than documentation
      This week we want to know what kind of custom forks you've compiled and how many people are doing this and what can we do to make it faster and easier? userminers.conf?

    pimpsetup should pull the configs down from miner.farm
    should this be instead of the initial pimpkey validation??

    run the updates, etc. like paz and choma already wrote some scripts
    get rigs up and running really fast

    lost his .bashrc -> use .userrc

    • How do you guys feel about the pcfgs? Should we try something a little different? we like the variables idea
      PAZ: I would like to propose researching XML/XSLT or ETL transformations for parsing PCFG/CONFS into a unified format. The differences in syntax is not a huge challenge to ratify/unify. But it requires storage of the vars in probably miner.farm. The most complicated work is probably the front end tooling.

    PAZ: I would like to propose some effort into shell scripting to create a listener that carries out reboot and alert actions. I have a number of scripts I can share which I use to hand crank problems and turn my rig over when things like a cable blows causing the chain to fall apart.

    Verge got hacked??
    Some guy was mining a few hundred blocks per second.
    He told devs, they didn't listen, he told the people. They listened.
    Only like a million bucks, who cares!

    altcoins fail for scam or stupidity

    hive has a good reseller program, we need to have one

    wtc coin?
    one gpu per rig for mining
    so big farms couldn't farm it. -> inefficient.

    Electroneum arm miners / android miners? Galaxy?
    anjin does have arm8

    We should ask daX

    Sneak peek: We are probably going to add xmrig miners for amd, nvidia, and cpu mining, and some new cpuminer coins/profiles soon too.

    9 PCI slot industrial motherboards? pandaminer? octaminer?


    Beta Team Question:


    Wrap Up


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