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What Config/Miner is use for Neoscript mining?

  • Hi,

    I have looked around at this: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/10/setting-up-miner-profiles

    Now where it mention anything about Neoscript. I would like to mine Feathercoin, can anyone point me to the right direction about what miner in Pimp that I can use? Thanks!

  • Staff

    You would want to do some basic google or look at the pool to see what algorithm and miner you need for a coin.
    Example: any feathercoin pool should tell you it is a neoscrypt coin and what miners to use.
    on nvidia, use any ccminer profile
    on amd, use neoscrypt miner

    # /opt/miners/ccminer/ccminer --help | grep Fea
                            neoscrypt   FeatherCoin, Phoenix, UFO...

    Use any ccminer profile and put -a neoscrypt in the pcfg file and your own feather coin pool/wallet. Enjoy!

  • Thanks! I will give it a try tomorrow!

  • neoscrypt profile are released to pimpup.
    use nsgminer for amd (install via pimpup)
    use ccminer neo for nvidia

  • Thanks! Is there any difference (performance wise) between the 2 version of ccminer? I have been using the original ccminer to mine Feathercoin. I saw ccminer neo the other day and didn't bother to set it up.

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