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  • Hey

    I'm loving this OS but I have some questions which I can't find anywhere (this distro is in urgent need of a wiki for people like me).

    My questions are about minerfarm command and creating profiles there.

    1. I have some custom pools for which I have created a separate folder and config files. When I have added those files the software asked me if it should add them as a profile or something similar. I have answered yes and now I have extra profiles linking miner apps and config files I have created. I would like to get rid of them but I can't find any commands to do so either under pimp options or under minerfarm.

    2. When I have created the profiles each of those profiles started with an id. But when I have removed the first profile minerfarm didn't fill that one up but instead started counting to two. Since my OCD was killing me I have removed all the profiles and then it allowed me to star form 1 again. Is there a simpler option (just to know although I don't plan on removing everything in the near future)?

    3. Each profile asks for a different port and screen only connects to the first instance (port 4028). How do I connect to other screens/ports once I run them as I couldn't find a way to do so?

    Thanks for the help and cheers

    Edit: Ok number 3 was easy. the command is pimp --test # and it connect to the screen on whichever port.

  • Hello. So here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/10/setting-up-miner-profiles
    And some other useful commands are here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/20/frequently-used-commands
    And each miner uses each port. Through the connection to these ports, the miner.farm service connects to your miners and displays information. A little more about using this wonderful tool you can read here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/64/large-farm-guide-how-to-manage-many-rigs-using-pimp-and-miner-farm

  • I have read both posts and none of them answer my questions.

    See the screenshot:

    How do I remove a custom profile (marked in white)?

    Also how do I set/reset a miner ID when I have some miners set as the software continues from the last ID? (Eg. create ID 1 and 2. Now remove ID 1. When you create a new ID it will be 3 not the missing 1).

    Edit: Also gpuconf settings didn't stick after a reboot. Could it be just a one time thing? I have set the timeout of miners to 60 seconds for the settings to take effect just in case.

  • Staff

    Hi Blaz.plvk. Welcome to the forum and the world of cryptocurrency.

    We use this forum like a wiki, to collect questions and hopefully get you answers. We also use Discord and IRC chat channels where a community is pretty much always around to help by answering questions directly. But we will take the thought of a wiki on advisement.

    Do not worry your OCD about the indexing used for profiles. Notice how the managed profiles jump around based on the miner type?

  • But how do I remove those extra profiles I have created (there are two in the screenshot)?

  • @blaz-pivk Thank you for your feature request. Now functionality allows only creating profiles. We will add it in a future pimpup.


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