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Removing User Profiles

  • Hi guys,

    Recently I've been mining RVN and reading good things about a fork of ccminer called suprminer. I figured I'd give an install a shot and see if I got better results, but I have run into some slight issues. Namely, I've noticed there is no way to remove user profiles from the pimp --add menu. I'm wondering if this has been addressed and I've just overlooked the command. I'm not entirely sure I'll get this binary working properly, but I don't want to make a big mess of my profiles, especially since both the ccminer binary and the fork share the same name, it will make remembering what conf is what confusing.

    Any advice appreciated. I'm still trying to get suprminer working properly, my first install didn't go as planned, but if I get it working I'll post a tutorial.

    Thanks pimps!

  • I haven't watch the video, but the title seems to have what you're looking for?

    Youtube Video

  • Staff

    You can remove user generated profiles inside the minerfarm console.

    Open the console with the 'minerfarm' command in your terminal window on the rig, then press 'm'. This will open a menu that will allow you to select and delete user generated profiles. Please note: PIMP default profiles will also appear in this list, and you can even select them for deletion, but they will not be removed. Only user generated profiles can actually be deleted from this list.

    This action is not well documented, so do not feel bad for not being able to find it!


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