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Random miner stoppage

  • wondering if there is something in my config file.

  • If on other equihash coins you do not observe this problem, then again problems in the BTG network.

  • Developer

    Hello cryptopimp,

    Wanted to reach out to you and see if the problem has been resolved.

    Another user found that they hand not disabled onboard graphics, that resolved the problem for them?

    Look forward to your reply,
    Best Louis

  • I have had a similar problem crop up with the claymore miner when mining eth. This setup worked perfectly for months then after relocating it all to a new frame, it started having an error where all cards stop at once and the miner is unable to restart. It gives an error that it is unable to allocate DAG memory on the cards. If I kill the miner and run it again all is fine for a period of time then it dies again

  • When it stops it gives the error restart by timer. Followed by "Not enough GPU memory to place DAG. OpenCL error 61
    Currently the rig is unusable.

  • What kind of GPUs are these? There are posts after googling: "Not enough GPU memory to place DAG. OpenCL error 61" that talk about the DAG exceeding 2GB in size and old cards not working. Are your cards 2GB in size?

    Text extracted from the post:
    the DAG file's size is the source of your problem, your GPU needs to load it before start mining. Since mid-2016 it is no more possible to mine using a 2GB graphic card while the DAG file has exceeded 2GB. we will reach 3GB in April 2018

  • I am fully aware of the 2 gig reality. These are nice new 4 gig cards that have been mining perfectly for months until I relocated the system into a new frame.

  • Can you share the URL of a helpme run from the command line please?

  • https://helpme.getpimp.org/rig1-1522272048.html Rock solid under ethminer
    https://helpme.getpimp.org/rig1-1522274039.html fails after about 20 minsi claymore-dual

  • you need to disable your onboard video. i can see its still enabled here

    "gpu_id": "0",
    "fanspeed": "90",
    "temptarget": "70"

    and here

    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 610 (rev 04) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

    This also looks like you are underpowering one of your risers.

    GPU 1: AMD Radeon RX 570, Temp: 25C, Fan: 88%, Core Clock: 1400 Mhz, Memory Clock: 2000 Mhz, Power profile: performance (DPM mode), Power Usage: 2.132 W
    GPU 2: AMD Radeon RX 570, Temp: unknown, Fan: unknown, Core Clock: unknown, Memory Clock: unknown,

    This is how it always goes on my machine. When one has a power issue i start getting unknown reports from the gputool --status or --config. Once one GPU has an issue the rest of the chain falls out despite there are fine.

    I recommend remove on GPU from the chain at a time, reboot and rebuild the gpu-config.json. You also have to reboot after rebuilding it before trying the --status because things about PCI bus config gets cached by the OS.

    Its an arduous task but generally helps to isolate a single card.


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