Supported SM and Gencode variations for CUDA library miners

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    Below are the supported sm variations and sample cards from that generation

    Supported on CUDA 7 and later
    Fermi (CUDA 3.2 and later, deprecated from CUDA 9):
    SM20 or SM_20, compute_30 – Older cards such as GeForce 400, 500, 600, GT-630
    Kepler (CUDA 5 and later):
    SM30 or SM_30, compute_30 – Kepler architecture (generic – Tesla K40/K80, GeForce 700, GT-730)
    Adds support for unified memory programming
    SM35 or SM_35, compute_35 – More specific Tesla K40
    Adds support for dynamic parallelism. Shows no real benefit over SM30 in my experience.
    SM37 or SM_37, compute_37 – More specific Tesla K80
    Adds a few more registers. Shows no real benefit over SM30 in my experience
    Maxwell (CUDA 6 and later):
    SM50 or SM_50, compute_50 – Tesla/Quadro M series
    SM52 or SM_52, compute_52 – Quadro M6000 , GeForce 900, GTX-970, GTX-980, GTX Titan X
    SM53 or SM_53, compute_53 – Tegra (Jetson) TX1 / Tegra X1
    Pascal (CUDA 8 and later)
    SM60 or SM_60, compute_60 – GP100/Tesla P100 – DGX-1 (Generic Pascal)
    SM61 or SM_61, compute_61 – GTX 1080, GTX 1070, GTX 1060, GTX 1050, GTX 1030, Titan Xp, Tesla P40, Tesla P4
    SM62 or SM_62, compute_62 – Drive-PX2, Tegra (Jetson) TX2, Denver-based GPU
    Volta (CUDA 9 and later)
    SM70 or SM_70, compute_70 – Tesla V100
    SM71 or SM_71, compute_71 – probably not implemented
    SM72 or SM_72, compute_72 – currently unknown


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