Gputool error

  • When i run gputool --config i get this
    "PIMP GPU Tool v20171107 cat: /tmp/gputype: No such file or directory
    Unknown GPUs type. Exiting"
    but it i can mine
    they are older amd gpus
    and am running PIMP v1.9-fglrx

  • cannot pimpup due to /tmp/gputype does not exist [Solved]

    Summary of the bug: There was a bug in a pimpup for a few hours on 20171106 which left this file out.
    Who it effects: Users who pimpuped imediately on 20171106
    Status of fix: Was fixed in pimpup that day.
    Workaround: Do: echo NVI > /tmp/gputype and then pimpup --force to force update.

  • done
    now when i run gputool --config i get
    PIMP GPU Tool v20171107 GPUs type: NVidia
    NVidia toolset not found! Exiting.
    and i have 2 amd cards
    i installed pimp sunday and did a pimp --up

  • I apologize for my inattention.

    run pimpup --force to ensure you have the lastest pimpup.
    run /opt/pimp/bootdetect to replace the missing file

    If this doesn't work you can try:
    rb to reboot
    echo AMD > /tmp/gputype

  • thanks that worked


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