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asus STRIX B250F GAMING motherboard, only recognizes one GeForce GTX 1070

  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to configure six 1070s connected to an asus b250f motherboard.

    i'm only able to get pimp to recoginize one of the 1070 cards.

    when i try to setup the internal gpu to use pcie, it changes to 'auto'.

    i've tried connecting different combinations and numbers of 1070 boards, but i'm still only able to get pimp to recognize one.

    does anyone know the specific bios settings required for this motherboard?

  • Staff

    Onboard GPU must be disabled
    Please read guide:

  • @melt thank you for the quick reply.

    as far as i know, i'm following the steps in the 'setting up motherboards' web page.

    some additonal information:

    1. when i have all six 1070 cards attached to the motherboard, the system won't boot, it doesn't even get to the bios power on self test.

  • Support


    Afternoon Paul.

    Hopefully you sorted your above problem re motherboard not allowing you to get all 6 cards working.

    If not, I hope I maybe able to bring you some helpful tips that should hopefully help:)

    Just last week bought 2x of the Asus Strix B250F gaming motherboards by chance, and it took me some time to get 5 cards working on one of the boards since only 4 cards worked initially.

    Below are the changes I made to get my Nvidia GTX 1070 FTW of 5 cards working with screenshots for you.

    1. I used the stock bios version that came with the motherboard:

    Bios version: 0809 x64
    Build date: 07/07/2017


    Please note their is a newer bios version November 2017, but I didn’t upgrade to it to get my 5 cards working.

    1. Enable - Above 4G Decoding


    1. Disable - IOAPIC 24-119 Entries


    1. Set PCIEX16_1 Link Speed to Gen1

    0_1512145641471_SetPCIEX16_1Link SpeedtoGen1.png

    1. Set PCIEX16_2 Configurations to X2 Mode


    1. Disable - Asmedia USB 3.1 Controller


    1. Set DMI Max Link Speed to Gen 1


    1. Other pics to help:)


    That should be it, hopefully the above will help :)

    Best Louis

  • Hello
    I have Asus STRIX B250F GAMING motherboard, I want to know that how the windows will start after power failure auitomatically, as I have done just the setting for ac power in on position . I have 3 gpu Asus Ge Strix Rog 1070 ti , they are working well but the problem is if computer power goes and come back immediately the PC gets started, but if the power goes for some time then the power gets on but the windows won’t start up. Can you please help


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