GPUconfig wont startup on boot

  • I'm having a problem with overclocking my GPU's and controlling their fans and here is where I'm at:
    -ran pimpup, and updated ewbf miner also

    • while all miners are stopped I have created a new gpuconfig.json, and editing it to set fan speeds to 85% (I've removed all overclocking unitl I can get the fans working properly)
    • then ran gputool --config to enable my new config file
      -I've edited the nvidia.ewbf.zcash.pcfg file to remove the temp limit as it stated I need to do.
    • I've checked the /root/ files and it includes the command lines

    sleep 10 && /opt/pimp/gputool --config
    sleep 15 && /opt/minerfarm/minerfarm --start 1

    The gputool --config command still needs to be run manually every time I start the program which is a pain in the ass, as without it the cards run well over 80 degrees C. I never had this problems with my last miner I setup, any suggestions?

  • Try to change the sleep 10 and sleep 15 on the sleep 20 and sleep 25. This should help

  • Staff

    pimpup and then look at the /root/ file as example. you can cp if you want to customize from that example instead.

  • Changed The sleep 10 and sleep 15 to sleep 30 and sleep 45 and that did the trick


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