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B250 expert mining (must update bios to 1205 or newer)

  • Linux drivers supports this number of cards. Everything else depends on the board itself and the correct bios settings.

  • so in thoery must will work, only one prove it but with 4 cards, i have 12, hope that works...Thanks very much

  • i have same mtherboard. does it work for your 12 cards?

  • @dumal I still do not know, I'm from Argentina and it takes me 30 days to arrive, when I install them I notice

  • Support

    I'm running this board with 8 MSI GTX 1050 2GB OC cards without any problems.

    However, when cards 9 and 10 come back from MSI RMA (due to physical damage), I may run into some problems... From what I've heard, this board has limits to how many nVidia cards it can run at one time. The Asus support shows that this board is designed to run a combination of nVidia and AMD... something like 8 NV and 11 AMD... or something close to that.

    I'll find out when my cards come back, but I'm starting to think this board might not be worth this type of drama.

  • You should be able to put 13 of the same GPU on this motherboard because Linux driver support more than 8 of the same GPU. The stuffs you read from Asus probably is for Window as they have driver limitation.

  • Support

    My fingers are crossed for that. Every rig I've looked at so far seems to be using a combination of NV and AMD. Guess I'll just have to be the test subject on this when my other cards come in.

  • Support

    Confirmed: I am currently running 10 GTX 1050's and 2 GTX 1060's, so it would seem that, at least up to 12 cards, we do not need to use a weird combo of nVidia P106-100 cards and AMD cards as per the Asus diagrams. As for above 12 cards, that is still in the air... at least until I can get 7 more cards.

  • We've got the B250 Mining expert running PiMP. I would go back and time and just do a FinTech probably especially with limited P106 available
    Nice diagnostic card slot screen on boot
    Just works for AMD so far
    BIOS easy to set up
    The A channel molex connector is way too close to the main PCI slot
    The A power channel has 7 total of the PCI slots, but expects MoBo power, etc. on that channel too gotta plan accordingly, especially for NVidia platforms
    Aligning 1 card to 1 of 3 power phases on the board makes doing the pimp shuffle harder
    Didn't come with a power switch like B250 FinTech does
    Mixing AMD and NVidia is a total challenge so far, 1 part PiMP, 1 part B250 Mining expert, 1 part my Newbness I suspect

    We are still working on mixing random NV and AMD successfully with their overclocks on pimp. Worked great with (1) card. We are falling back on the pimp shuffle today to try to get all the NV cards in first PCI positions... which is exact opposite to the MB manual. If that works, we will add more cards. Folks on forums with windows say they get 13 cards without P106, but 14th is blue screen.

    One question, is there any architectural difference in the P106 and the GP-106 / 1060 card? My 14th card might just be a 1060.

  • Support

    Others have reported that the GP-106 (aka 1060) cards work just like the P-106 cards.

    Tomorrow, I will receive 6 additional GTX 1060s. Fingers crossed that I can find a combo that will allow me to run all my cards. (10xGTX1050 & 8xGTX1060)

  • Support

    Okay... I can honestly say that I hate this board.

    I have 10 GTX 1050s and 8 GTX 1060s. I have tried every possible combo to get these cards to work in this board with zero luck.

    What I have established so far is the following:

    1. I can get 10x1050s and 2x1060s to work (12 total cards)
    2. I can get 5x1050s and 8x1060s to work (13 total cards) (currently running this for now)

    Additional combos below 13 and 12 will also work, but no matter what combo I try, adding the 14th card causes the motherboard to fail to POST - all lights and fans, but no video and no POST beep. Ugh.

    I dug into the deep dark dirty interwebs and have stumbled upon something interesting about this board...

    I found a few reports claiming to break the 13 GPU limits of this motherboard by doing the following:

    1. Do not use the three 4-pin Molex connectors on the motherboard
    2. Only connect 1 power supply to the motherboard. Use only Port A. (use jumpers to power the additional power supplies)
    3. 6-8 of the cards must be P106-100 cards (GTX 1060's will work)

    I don't recommend anyone try this. I do not know what this may or may not do to your system.

    I will try it out tomorrow morning for shits and giggles. I will post my findings as soon as I have them.

  • Staff

    We also hate that board :) It causes a lot of stress and pain for many of our users. I think having fewer GPUs on more MBs would be desired personally. After all, if you take an outage on a rig, you only lose the work of those GPUs attached to it. So you have more reliability, better scalability, and more efficient operations with 6 to 12 gpus per rig. Just because you can get a board that claims to work with 19 GPUs, does not mean you should :)

  • I learn to expect that we should just use up to 13 GPU on this board. 13 GPU in 1 motherboard is still nice. May be in the future where you can get used P106 for cheap than can expend to 19 GPUs. But still one should be very cautious as I read that running 19 GPU makes configuring them very slow, and you need more RAM. I think 8Gb RAM is enough for 13 GPUs.

  • Support


    I tried the tricks and every possible combo again, no love from this board. I'm beginning to think that Asus (via the BIOS) is the ones setting this 13 card limit. I can't find anyone out there actually able to run 19 cards except for one guy - and he's running his rig as per the Asus FAQ diagram with AMD and P106-100 cards.

    At this point, I feel like Asus has lied to us. Marketing this as a 19 GPU mining board is a stretch to start with, but then the talk about a BIOS update in March to "fix" this issue never arriving... Sounds a bit shady.

    Anyone know of a board that will do 19 (or at least 18) GPUs without all the B.S.?

  • Staff

    As Anjin has pointed out and you have also said: 19 cards on one motherboard is a gimmick, and is not something practical for mining operations of any size. Even a dozen cards per motherboard is a ridiculous concentration of possible failure. Unless you plan to mine something with the cards tuned down to last for months (meaning nothing currently profitable), even a couple crashes a week in a dozen card rig has reduced your profitability below what it was worth to set up.

    We strongly recommend you limit the number of GPUs per motherboard to increase reliability and reduce potential catastrophic failure points. Just because a board maker says you can run 12 or 19 GPUs per rig does not mean you should.

  • Support

    I understand your points, however, as a hobby miner, ROI time and whether or not I should run 19 GPUs in a single machine does not have the same impact on me as it might to someone trying to make a living on mining. I have a regular career to cover my living costs, so down times are not that big of a deal.

    I just happen to like the idea of 19 GPUs on a single board. I'm only even posting my findings and thoughts for the benefit of others.

    My current shoe rack build is made up of 8 GTX 1060s and 5 GTX 1050s (with light overclocking). She's currently crunching Zcash, averaging 3330 Sol/s on 1430W, earning almost $7.00/day. I'm happy with it. I've been running it since the beginning of March and I've had zero crashes or problems (except for the GPU limit).

  • Staff

    @docdrydenn said in B250 expert mining:

    I understand your points, however, as a hobby miner, ROI time and whether or not I should run 19 GPUs in a single machine does not have the same impact on me as it might to someone trying to make a living on mining. I have a regular career to cover my living costs, so down times are not that big of a deal.

    I just happen to like the idea of 19 GPUs on a single board. I'm only even posting my findings and thoughts for the benefit of others.

    Excellent, thank you! Please let us know your findings.

    Others will also find and read this thread with ideas about 19 cards per motherboard, and I want to make sure they understand our points as well as you do.

  • Support

    Doesn't fix my 13 card limit, but Asus released another BIOS, V1010. Notes say it's for stability issues. Just a FYI.

  • Support

    I did a quick check on the Asus website and there appears to be a new BIOS update, v1205. The only notes provided for this update is the following: "Intel New ME Update, Improve Stability". I do not believe this is the "fix" everyone was waiting for. Anyway, I have changed up my rigs and can no longer test to see if this update will allow more than 13 retail GPU's.

  • Doc,

    Thanks for update on v1205. Pimp 2.5.1 and 2.6 does not work with prior BIOS for me, kept hanging on gputool. V1205 update fixed it on the spot.


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