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LilJimmy's quick and easy nvidia PiMP crate rig

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    PiMP is perfect for Quick and easy crate mining. Anyone can make a quick rig and mine their own coins with a little bit of work.


    Build a quick and easy crate rig for a new miner so they can learn how to manage a rig. Make it simple and easy to have in their home and portable so they can move it as needed. In the winter they will keep it right in the living room in the center of the house by the TV. Budget $1200.


    This is similar to the "How to make a crate rig" video by melt if you saw that.


    • Dairy crate
    • mobo+cpu+ram
    • PSU
    • GPUs
    • USB 1x-16x risers
    • Velcro wraps
    • Zip ties
    • Address labels

    The build:

    For a quick and clean mining machine for GPUs, nothing beats a dairy crate aka a milk crate. Plastic is cheap and easy to work with, drill holes in, and strap hardware to, it is not electrically conductive, and it even has carrying handles. Regular 4-gallon mik crates are good for 1-3 GPU. After that you would want a wider one to fit more GPUs.


    Step 01: Install CPU and ram on motherboard. Take the time now to look at where all the ports are. PCIe, one SATA port, and the power switch front panel 2 header pins.

    Step 02: Place crate on its side with opening toward you. Place motherboard into crate with ports toward you.

    Step 03: Use tiny zip ties to zip the motherboard screw holes near the edge of the board to the milk crate to hold it in place.

    Step 04: Use large zip ties to secure the PSU on the back of the crate where the input/switch and outputs are accessible on the outside of the crate.

    Step 05: Depending on crate, use diagonal cutters to remove X section of crate so connectors can pass through.

    Step 06: Connect mobo and cpu power cables at the PSU and at the motherboard connectors.

    Step 07: Connect 1 end of the SATA cable to a motherboard SATA port.

    Step 08: Connect the power cables for the risers and the SATA SSD at the PSU and let the other ends lay.

    Step 09: Connect the PSU power cables to the GPUs and Zip tie the GPUs up.

    Step 10: Connect the riser power cables to the risers and install them onto the GPUs, keeping the USB cables in the front.

    Step 11: Connect the small ends of the PCIe risers into the PCIe slots.

    Step 12: Connect PiMP OS SSD to the SATA cable and the SATA Power cable.

    Step 13: Comb, bundle and secure all cabling.

    Step 14: Reseat and Double check all connections. Never skip this step.

    Step 15: Boot into PiMP and start mining.


    • Verify the PiMP Key.
    • Set the rig name and miner.farm API keys.
    • See the rig report to miner.farm.
    • Add EWBF profile (2501), test it with nicehash, then put Jimmy's BTC address in.
    • Set the gputool oc: fans 70%, power limit was set to 130W and the clocks were offset 80.
    • See data populate in miner.farm.
    • Set up email alerts in miner.farm (Paid account.)


    A result of about 3 h/s per watt. So this rig is making about $2-5/day profit at delivery time, depending on market conditions. The rig will take about 6-9 months to ROI. However, having the equipment there earning the coins feels better than just depositing funds into some service account and watching a graph. And in the winter time it is keeping a nice radiant warmth for the living room. In the summer, it's in a corner of the basement.

    Ease of use:

    Jimmy just watches miner.farm and sometimes SSHes into the rig. When he moved the rig he had to connect a TV to see why it was not coming online after power on. He found that error "connect PSU cable to GPU" and after checking cables, found one dislodged, and reconnected it. Then when he powered on and waited about 2 minutes, the rig started hashing on miner.farm.


    Update: +1 GPU

    In addition to the 2x Zotac GTX 970s, the last photo shows a quick addition of a Asus Dual GTX 1070 to nearly double the rig's production. The middle GPU also has since been moved over a bit to even the airflow out.


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    Update: Just checked, he is making about $30/month without even changing any settings, and getting paid in BTC!

  • 1 1070 should be around 2 bucks a DAY by itself. Something isnt quite right.

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