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please add x16 miner

  • please add supminer version 1.2 open source.

    10-15% better then latest ccminer

  • I just came here to beg for the same thing. I've been mining RVN for about a month and a half to two months using the default ccminer, but if the PIMP gods would provide us supminer that would greatly increase my efficiency. Alternatively, a tutorial on how to install custom miners like the one for custom profiles could be another solution, though I would prefer if supminer was a built-in option!

    Thanks for your time, pimps!

  • I too would like to see supminer on Pimp. There are a lot of customer miners just take times to be available on Pimp. By the time we get it on Pimp, the difficulty of the coins already gone up. I'm tempted to have 2 SSD, so when I want to use the special miner, swap out with the SSD with Window, then if I want to mine other Pimp supported coin, swap the SSD with Pimp in it. It could be a good temporary solution, but when you mine with Windows, you don't get the minerfarm stuffs.

  • Staff

    When a miner is suitable for release, vetted by devs and testers, and integrates with miner.farm, then we implement it. Until then you may build what you want. We sometimes must wait for miner developers to fix problems, so we do not taint pimp's known stability and quality with off-the-cuff miner forks made by the coder of the day.

  • I've been running suprminer 1.6 without problems on my Pimp Rig - EXCEPT the rig itself and minerfarm show it isn't hashing at all - yet it clearly is as the pool is reading my rates. I can create a tut for what I did, but buyer beware that if you don't feel comfortable with terminal and manually configuring your miner this may not be the path for you.

  • Staff

    ravencoin miners with full integration and example profiles delivered:



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