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2018-03-21 Clubhouse call: Whats coming in infrastructure phase 1, and the next pimpup

  • Staff

    Last meeting's notes: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/2163/03-14-2018-clubhouse-call-bugs-and-issues-oh-la-la





    Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )

    Project Announcements

    • New Drivers for new cards coming, stability improvements.
      New NVIDIA drivers and AMD
      Some of fixes for power tunning and fan management
      ETH miner -
    • Features/Applications: We're working on Phase 1 of infrastructure update
    • helpme new and improved quality update

    Discussion Items:

    • Strategy in a down market: What to do when you have to sell coins to pay bills?

    • Tips for smooth RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization)

    • Disaster recovery plans.
      Rally car races - Anjin

    • How often do you need to use an old version of a miner?
      Depends. Old versions should only be used when you're using old hardware.


    Beta Team Question:


    Wrap Up

  • I added some notes for my first attendance in the mozilla chat page, but I'll add here also.

    DR Plans:
    I would like to propose a miner.farm feature that acts as a cold storage. when bonding pimp to miner.farm with the short and long API key, pull miner configs from cold storage and replicate to the rig based on the license key (1:1 relation to hardware

    Old version of miner:
    Regression can occur in miner codebase, rolling back is unlikely for anyone but very advanced users. in practicality the level of that use to desire a rollback should also be able to easily carry out shell actions to accomplish the task. the existing means to rollback is acceptable in my mind and requires no more work other than documentation

    PCFG autogen:
    I would like to propose researching XML/XSLT or ETL transformations for parsing PCFG/CONFS into a unified format. The differences in syntax is not a huge challenge to ratify/unify. But it requires storage of the vars in probably miner.farm. The most complicated work is probably the front end tooling.

    I would like to propose some effort into shell scripting to create a listener that carries out reboot and alert actions. I have a number of scripts I can share which I use to hand crank problems and turn my rig over when things like a cable blows causing the chain to fall apart.


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