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How to get help - The troubleshooting tools

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    Getting Troubleshooting information is as easy as running the helpme command in PiMP terminal. This will run through common hardware and software diagnostics for a moment. At the end it will provide you a URL to our secure helpme server running the PIMP Troubleshooter. This does not have any key or sensitive information and can safely be shared with support and other PiMPs so they can help you. Please do this before submitting your post.


    First, don't forget to pimpup to get the latest pimp features.

    With this process that you could better troubleshout your rig even faster.

    Logging minerfarm:
    This log will show you the readout if the miner info that is on that is send to minerfarm site every 10 seconds like id used , hashate and so on.
    To turn this on :
    0_1510172007699_minerfarm log on.jpg
    To turn this off :
    0_1510172036469_minerfarm log off.jpg
    What is logged and filled over time :
    0_1510172066853_minerfarm log itself.jpg
    It will also make a miner log :(in this log you find the the service to see ip and if the services themselves are loading correctly)

    To turn on and off logging, you can use these commands:
    minerfarm --logging on and minerfarm --logging off

    View the log:

    The log files are stored to /var/log/agent.log and /var/log/miner.log.

    To view this local there are a a couple of ways you can do this.

    1. lessview:
      0_1510172983449_less minerlogg.jpg
      0_1510172991602_viewnon rig.jpg

    2. tail 50(show you the 50 entries)

    3. tail -f (the -f stands for follow and will follow the entries)

    to get back out of this screen use ctrl + c

    1. showme of the log :

    This command gives out a link , with this link you can show others the log outputs.
    Example of how to post on discord and forum.

    0_1510175343402_agentlog on discord.jpg

    on forum :(EXAMPLE)
    0_1510175910223_agentlog on forum.jpg

    Cloud Pasting

    is also available when you are trying to show other PiMPs the output of your command or contents of a text file.

    We have two pasting commands available: showme and pastebinit. For more details, check out the commands topic.

    Here are some examples of cloud pasting in PiMP:

    Paste the sgminer.eth.conf file to the cloud:

    Preferred: showme /opt/confs/sgminer.eth.conf

    You could also use: cat /opt/confs/sgminer.eth.conf | pastebinit

    Paste the output of pimp --debug command to the cloud:
    pimp --debug | pastebinit


    the helpme tool is a script that queries your hardware and software for information. This information is then uploaded securely to the PiMP Troubleshooter, another web app from the PiMP family. This will give you all of the information about your system that you need to troubleshoot problems. You can then provide the helpme URL to the page that was uploaded so that your fellow PiMPs can take a look and help you solve your issues.

    1. Type helpme into the terminal on a PiMP rig.

    0_1501616905453_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 3.43.49 PM.png

    1. Copy the helpme URL from the terminal. (Control-Insert works on most terminals.)


    1. Paste the helpme URL into your browser and/or the live chat so you can get support.

    0_1501616950726_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 3.44.09 PM.png

    1. Now you can use the PiMP Troubleshooter app to view all of the information about your rig’s hardware, GPUs, PiMP and minerfarm software, services, configurations, logs and status.


    Step 5: Find the information that leads you to fix a problem so you can get back to mining.


  • Staff

    Note, you can also run the helpme report remotely using miner.farm. This will go to the rig, run helpme, and if it completes successfully, provide you the URL right in the Host Hardware Info section on your Farm Admin > Agent View screen.

    For how-to guide: See this article in Miner.farm Support forum category:


    Happy hunting those problems, miners!


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