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ccminer is not supporting the older cuda gpus by default (compute capability 3.5 and smaller)

  • To use the ccminer in pimp with older nvidia cards you have to compile it by yourself.

    1. download the latest source code on github
    2. in the makefile delete the #-sign at the beginning of the line in which the nvidia-architecture is chosen
      my Kepler cards have compute capability 3.5, per default 5.0 and 5.2 are not out commented
    3. sh ./build.sh
    4. make install
    5. start ccminer manually from your install directory: ./ccminer -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://mine.moneropool.com:5555 -u [your XMR address] -p x

  • Staff

    Instead of step 5 perhaps put it in /opt/miners/ccminer and run it with pimp / minerfarm :)


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