trouble getting 13th 1080ti gpu on h110 pro btc+

  • Hello. I have 6 analog rigs:
    h110 pro btc+
    13 msi gaming x 1080ti cards
    3 x 1600w superflower power supply

    old 4 rigs works normaly with all 13 cards

    but new 2 rigs see only 12 cards each. if you connect all 13 cards pimp is not boot. if you disconnect one cars it works well. I change power connections, change cards, change rasers in any variants. and all 2 new rigs sees only 12 cards.

    also when i try to setup "ethos" is sees all 13 cards well

    bios on MBs is latest. but old rigs use a 2.4.2-all, and new use a 2.5 pimp version!!! may be pimp 2.5 works wrong???

    what the problem, my friends? Thank you.

  • is there support? i write pipl 2.x.x. and it see all 13 cards as well. here is a bug in 2.5 !!!

  • Staff

    Moved to hardware troubleshooting - not a software issue


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