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Rig 4 & 7 stop mining and fall off miner-farm intermittently

  • We have a problem where a number of our rigs will randomly drop off miner farm & the ether pool. We can still SSH onto them so the network connection is fine, and sometimes the rigs show as mining with 12 cards, however, sometimes they stop mining all together....

    We have checked the config, connected wires and power supply, we cant find what is causing this problem.

    Can anyone advise how to generate some detailed logs for investigation, please?

  • Staff

    Some things to check:
    Ensure the time on your rigs is current, to the second. Small variances in time can cause reporting issues with both miner.farm and the pool.

    You can check the standard Linux system logs at /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog

    Perform the 'ifconfig' command on the rig when it fails, and look for errors or dropped packets on your interface. There should be none (0, zero) otherwise you may have a bad NIC or cable or port somewhere.

    Please perform the 'helpme' command on a failing rig or two, and share the URL here so we can get a better look.

    Thank you for your support,


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